John Legend: SA Talent Takes The Battle Against HIV To The Music And Art Stage

An 81-year-old South African contemporary artist, Esther Mahlangu, has paired up with popular U.S RnB star John Legend and the luxury vodka brand Belvedere in a new campaign battle against HIV/AIDS prevalence in Africa.

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John Legend apart from being a well-known superstar in the music industry worldwide is also the brand ambassador for Belvedere and Esther Mahlangu was co-opted to design a new limited edition bottle which is now available at selected retailers.

The campaign is called #MakeADifference and it sees Belvedere adding Mahlangu’s famous colorful, tribal Ndebele designs to the limited edition bottle. John Legend on his end added his signature on the front of the bottle and also provided the campaign with a new single titled ‘Love Me Now’. The song, true to its name, encourages people to love one another.

battle against HIV

John Legend and Esther Mahlangu had been brought together recently by Belvedere at a benefit concert at the famous Apollo Theatre in New York in the US. John Legend expressed excitement at Esther’s work, citing that her paintings are beautiful. He also added that her art connects Belvedere to the culture and to the people they are trying to help.

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Esther Mahlangu is no stranger to such international collaborations. She was contracted by Swedish trainer company Etys earlier this year to modify a sneaker line, she has also partnered with big brands like BMW and British Airways and received numerous invitations to exhibit her artwork in top galleries with pieces dating back as far as 1989.

battle against HIV

Half of the proceeds from the #MakeADifference campaign will be put in a global fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. It is a laudable move by all the collaborators involved and should help in the continuing battle against HIV/Aids in Africa.