Belarusian President

Belarusian President, Alexander Lushashenko helped his citizens into a nationwide inside joke when he urged them to ‘get undressed and work till you sweat’.

They soon began sharing naked office selfies which took no time at all in going viral. The President had been intending to give an inspirational speech because the country is experiencing one of the worst economic situations in decades.

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The value of the rouble (the country’s currency) is plummeting and rampant unemployment is on the rise, so it was an understandable effort, that is until the translation mix up occurred.

President Alexander Lukashenko had been talking about the importance of technology to the national economy when he urged citizens “to get undressed and work till you sweat”.

People naked behind desks: Belarusian President

Being an authoritarian president, the citizens quickly took the opportunity of the slip up to make their visual jokes. Taking the words of their President literally, they started posting pictures of themselves naked at work, using laptops and other office equipment to protect their dignity.

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Thousands of Belarusians have now shared pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #раздеватьсяиработать (#getnakedatwork). A lot of them followed it by nutty quips, like one instagram user who said; “The president said this was necessary”.

Handymen, office workers, musicians got in on the action and yet others imagined what would happen if Lukashenko followed his own advice.

It was a pretty hilarious outcome considering that the President had simply been intending to encourage people to “develop themselves” –which sounds very similar to “get undressed” in Russian, according to the Mail online.

It is quite the tribute to a simple slip of tongue by the Belarusian President, but it is understandable that the workers may have needed a little giggle to spice up their day, in the face of such dire economic straits.