Nigeria: Heroic Dog Saves The Day; Dies Fighting Boko Haram Suicide Bomber

The Nigerian media is celebrating the heroic dog that laid down its life, fighting a teen suicide bomber in Belbelo community, Borno State.

The dog which is owned by a resident of the neighborhood pounced on a suspicious teen girl who tried to make an entry into a wedding party.

The spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force in Borno State, Victor Isuku, says that the incident took place about 7.30 am yesterday, in Belbelo community of Jere Local Government Area in Borno State.

“Information just received indicate that today at about 0733hours (7.33am), a female suicide bomber with IED strapped to her body, attempted to infiltrate a wedding ceremony gathering in Belbelo community of Jere LGA”

It is still an amazement that the dog was able to look at the teenage girl and sense danger. Some reports imply that the dog may have had some training.

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Suicide bombers usually strike in crowded areas. Thus it is believed that this suicide bomber intended to explode at the wedding ceremony where many people had gathered. The dog spotted the girl and started attacking her.

“She was however prevented by a watch dog, so she had to detonate the IED to kill herself and the dog.”

The dog struggled with the teenage suicide bomber and eventually lost its life in the process.

The explosive on the teen girl went off as she was trying to break free from the dog. Both the girl and the dog ended up dead.

Victor Isuku, says there were no other casualties. He added that everything has gone back to normal in the locality.

Were the dog not there at the scene of the wedding? The explosion will be the 4th recorded in one day.

Report says that the averted incident occurred few hours after 3 suicide bombers blew themselves up at two different locations not far from the spot where the wedding took place.

The brave dog rendered an immeasurable level of service to humanity by spotting a threat at a happy gathering and took the responsibility of stopping it.

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The dog’s effort has succeeded in saving a good number of lives. The social media has appreciated the brave dog through their comments.

Over the weekend there were a couple of Boko Haram attacks. In 2 different incidents, the terror sect was able to abduct a total of 22 girls and women in Borno state.

“Boko Haram fighters from Mamman Nur camp arrived in pickup vans around 6:00 am and seized 14 young girls aged 17 and below while residents fled into the bush,”

“They picked four other girls who were fleeing the raid they came across in the bush outside the village,”

For the second attack, they killed a herdsman who refused to comply with the “protection money”. The group slaughtered him, killed his cows and abducted the women in his house.

Many suspect that these women and girls will most likely be married off to the militants or used as suicide members.