What Other Works Were In Bellamy Young’s Portfolio Before Scandal and Who Is She Dating?

The actress known as Bellamy Young is recognized for the work she did on the ABC show Scandal, where she played the iconic role of First Lady Mellie Grant. This performance was not her debut in acting, the award-winning show she was able to deliver was made possible because of all the work she had done in her career prior to getting cast on that show.

Bellamy Young had already attained relevance in the entertainment industry with notable series like Scrubs, Criminal Minds, American Dream, and many others. Thanks to her role on Scandal, she has gained prominence in the industry with a host of notable movies where she played significant roles. You’ll find other works of Bellamy Young before Scandal, as well as other interesting facts about the actress herein.

Bellamy Young’s Career Beginnings

Her stint in acting began in the early 1990s, the career did not start off with her in front of the cameras but rather for a live audience in the theatre.

In the 1997 original production of the Broadway play, The Life, she played the role of Mary. But this was not her first role in a theatre play. When her career initially began, she used to act in smaller off-Broadway plays. Prior to her Broadway performance, Bellamy had a recurring role on a television show, Another World where she played Dr. Courtney Evans.

She Became A Familiar Face in The 2000s

But it was not until the 2000’s that she started making more significant appearances on TV. For the People and Peacemakers had the actress in a recurring role, with Young appearing in 9 episodes in the latter.

In Scrubs and CSI: Miami, she was in 6 episodes of each. In the medical comedy show, Scrubs she played Dr.Miller, and in CSI Miami, she was the Assistant State Attorney, Monica West. The other shows where she had recurring but minor roles on are Dirty Sexy Money and Criminal Minds.

The X Files, NCIS, Two and a Half Men, Drop Dead Diva also feature the actress but on these shows, she had very minor characters and appeared in one episode for each show. It is believed that in ten years, Bellamy Young had more than 20 appearances on television shows. But her work in movies is not as extensive as what she has done on television. Her earliest film credits are for minor characters in Mission Impossible III, Trust Me, In My Sleep and This is Not a Test.

Her Career Endeavours Since Scandal

In 2011, Bellamy Young was cast in the Shonda Rhimes’ political thriller; Scandal in the supporting role of Melody Grant, fondly called ‘Mellie’. Her co-stars include Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. When she was initially cast on the show, she was supposed to appear in only three episodes but in the first season, she appeared in every episode in a recurring role, by the second season, she was promoted to a main role.

Young’s performance on Scandal is considered as one of the best on the entire show and as the story progressed, she only got better at playing Mellie. In the third season of Scandal, the talented actress won the Critics Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

The work she put in on the show made it possible for her to get higher ranking roles in movies, pushing her to a greater pedestal in the industry. In 2016, she was the main star of the crime film The Night Stalker, which is based on the activities of Richard Ramirez, a notorious serial killer. A Wrinkle in Time and Bernard and Huey also feature the actress in lead roles.

The actress announced that she will be joining the cast of the Fox produced show Prodigal Son in March of 2019 and when the show debuted in October, she was playing the main role of Jessica Whitly.

It would interest you to know that Bellamy Young’s career in entertainment is not limited to acting. In 2015, her debut album Far Away So Close was released, the collection has 10 songs which are all covers. Young’s diversion to music reflected a whole new version of her. Many were wowed at the fact that apart from being an amazing actress, Young also. had a hidden talent in music. The album was released on iTunes and garnered a lot of downloads upon its release.

What Does Her Love Life Look Like?

One may think that after a tumultuous relationship on the Scandal series, the actress may face challenges falling in love. But that is not the case for Young as she, like her counterparts, also has interesting stories in her love diary. Notably, Bellamy Young has managed to maintain a low profile when it comes to her personal life.

However, after she joined Scandal, it became harder for her to keep certain things about herself secret. Bellamy Young is known to have dated fellow actor, Joshua Leonard, the timeline of the relationship falls somewhere between 2014 and 2016. Also, the reason for their separation is not known. After she and Leonard split, Young started a romantic relationship with English comedian, actor, and writer, Edward Charles Egerton who is popularly known as Ed Weeks.

The two seemed very much inseparable and made several public appearances together. Bellamy is ten years older than him, but their age difference was never an issue. However in 2017, word broke that the couple had broken up – that was after dating for a year.

In the same year that she stopped dating the English comedian, Young began a relationship with Pedro Segundo, a percussionist and drummer of Portuguese descent. It is not clear how the two met but they are still in a relationship and are living their best lives together.

Her relationship with Segundo is considered the longest so far, giving the brief nature of the previous ones. Young and Segundo have made many public appearances as a couple, including the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party, and are even living together in New York. Their fans are hoping they take things to another level soon.

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