Belle Knox – Bio and How She Put Herself Through Law School – See Her Parent’s Reaction

Belle Knox is an American actress who used to appear in pornographic movies. Before she quit the adult entertainment scene, she was among the biggest names in porn. Unlike many pornstars, Belle didn’t start her porn career for fun, she basically did it for the money. Read her story below.

Belle Knox Bio

Belle Knox was born as Miriam Weeks on June 9, 1995. She goes by her stage name “Belle Knox”. She picked the name “Belle” from the Beauty and Beast and the character from Secret Diary of a Call Girl (which means beautiful in French) while she picked “Knox” from Amanda Knox who was set free in the murder of Meredith Kercher (a British student on exchange from the University of Leeds who on November 2007 was found dead at a young age of 21 in Perugia, Italy). Belle Knox is half-Canadian and half Punjabi Indian. She spent her childhood in Spokane, Washington where she was raised as a Roman Catholic. She schooled in Gonzaga Preparatory School. As a young girl, she appeared in a Catholic Christian magazine Salt and Light and also in the newsletter for Catholic Charities, thanks to her volunteer service.

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How She Put Herself Through Law School

Belle Knox

The studious pornstar developed an interest in the adult entertainment industry as a child. According to her, she began watching porn at age 12 out of curiosity. At the time, she was going through puberty and was having sexual urges which just like other kids, she tried to suppress them. When her ability to suppress failed her, she would resort to watching pornography. Knowing that her parents wouldn’t approve of it, she hid it from them.

She joined the explicit industry in 2013 for many reasons. First off, she did it to raise money to pay a whopping $60,000 per year school fees in a top-ranked Univesity (Duke University). Secondly, she did it because she enjoyed sex and pornography.

Her fame came in 2014, growing from a helpless little girl to one of the most famous new porn stars after her true identity was revealed. This was following her revelation to a schoolmate that she performed in adult films. On school breaks, she flew out to Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York to have sex with people on camera.

Besides footing her school bills, pornography allowed her to be in charge of her busy schedule. Before she entered into pornography industry, she worked as a waitress, a job many would consider more decent than pornography but her boss treated her very poorly, plus the busy work schedule affected her studies at Duke University badly. Needless to say, her salary was not up to 1% of her tuition fee.

She had tried to apply for government loans but was told that she was ineligible. She didn’t want to apply for private student loans because she didn’t want to tie his family with debt.

Basically, she featured in violent scenes and claimed that she was aroused by pain. In one of her sex scenes on the controversial website “Facial Abuse” she was repeatedly spat on, choked, abused physically, gagged, and forcibly held.

It was not all smooth for Knox in the industry due to the condemnation and stigmatization that comes with being in the porn industry. She had received several rape and death threats. But Knox does not regret her decision. She is currently out of sex business circle to continue her education, and she has always defended her decision. She thinks her past experiences throw light on increasing costs of higher education in the United States.

The ex-adult film actress has also talked expressively about her stand on feminism and the rights of sex workers. She believes adults should be allowed to make choices on what going on in their bodies. She calls herself a sex-positive feminist. For her efforts in this area, she was given a 2014 Fanny Award and a 2015 XBIZ Award.

In early 2015, Knox announced that she was no longer in the industry. She began pursuing a career in women’s studies and sociology. She has also expressed interest in becoming a women’s rights activist and civil rights lawyer. Currently, she is furthering her education at New York Law School

Her Parent’s Reaction

As you can imagine, Knox parents Kevin and Harcharan were caught off guard when they learned about Knox’s involvement in the porn industry. But they became supportive of her decision eventually despite the hurt that came with it. According to Knox, the duo has shown her nothing but love and support.


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