Bernie Sanders – Family, Height and Religion

Bernie Sanders is an American politician who is renowned for his socialist ideologies. He represents the state of Vermont in the United States Senate and has done so since 2007. Sanders is neither a democrat nor a republican but rather an independent candidate. Despite his independence, Sanders normally sides and votes with the Democrats. Asides from his congressional terms, Bernie Sanders also made a bid for the White House in 2016. He garnered a lot of support from young people with his promise of policies such as free college tuition. He, however, lost the Democratic Party primaries to Hillary Clinton. Find out more about Sanders here including his age, wife, net worth, height, religion, brother and more.

Bernie Sanders’ Age and Bio

Bernie Sanders was born on the 8th of September 1941 in New York City. He grew up in Brooklyn and attended schools such as P.S. 197 and James Madison High School. While in school, he played sports such as basketball and track. Bernie Sanders became interested in politics as a youngster. This was after seeing the horrors that were committed by Adolf Hitler just because he was elected into power.

Sanders, therefore, decided that he would be part and parcel of the political process. To achieve this, He studied political science in college (Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago) and graduated in 1964. As a student, he was a vocal activist and fought against racism and police brutality. On graduating, Sanders returned to New York before moving permanently to Vermont in 1968.

On arrival in Vermont, he worked various jobs such as filmmaking and carpentry before entering politics in 1971. Bernie Sanders’ first few forays into politics were unsuccessful as he lost the governorship election in 1972 and 1976, as well as the Senate elections in 1972 and 1974. His luck however changed for the better in 1980 when he was elected mayor of one Vermont’s largest cities, Burlington. Sanders held the office until 1989 when he made a successful bid for the House of Reps.

He was elected into the House of Reps in 1990 as an independent, making him the first independent to achieve such a feat in nearly two decades. Sanders served in the House of Reps for nearly 16 years until he made a successful bid for the Senate in 2007. Sanders is now a three-term senator having been re-elected in 2012 and 2018.

Bernie Sanders is renowned for his socialist and liberal views. He is a firm believer in addressing economic inequality by raising the minimum wage, providing universal healthcare and making college tuition-free. He also supports trade unionism and the rights of workers to be paid vacation, parental, and sick leave. The Vermont senator also supports LGBT rights as well as the abortion rights of women.

His Wife and Children

Bernie Sanders
Sanders with wife Jane O’Meara Driscoll image source

Sanders has been married on two occasions. He first got married in 1964 to a lady named Deborah Shilling Messing. The union lasted for two years as they divorced in 1966. They did not have any kids. Sanders is now married to Jane O’Meara Driscoll. They tied the knot in 1988 and do not have any kids together. The senator, however, has a son named Levi. He was born in 1969 by then-girlfriend, Susan Campbell. Sanders also has three stepchildren from Jane’s earlier marriage. They are Dave, Carina, and Heather. He also has a total of seven grandchildren.


Bernie Sanders hails from a family of four. His father’s name is Elias Ben Yehuda while his mother’s name is Dorothy. His parents had Russian and Polish background. Sanders has an elder brother named Larry. Larry Sanders is also an erudite politician as well as an accomplished academic and social worker. He was elected to represent East Oxford in the Oxfordshire County Council in England in 2005. He ran on the platform of the Green Party and was in office till 2013. Bernie credits his brother with exposing him to his earliest political ideas.

What Is His Religion?

The Vermont senator is not really a religious person as he does not belong to any organized religious sect. Even though Sanders hails from a Jewish background and has performed many Jewish rituals such as the bar mitzvah, Hanukkah and Tashlikh; it is now accepted that his Jewishness is cultural rather than religious. Sanders has also stated that he believes in God, but not in a traditional sense. He believes in God in the sense that humans should be more empathetic towards the sufferings of their fellow human beings.

Net Worth

Sanders has a net worth of $2 million. His sources of income include his salary ($174,000 per annum) and private investments. A lion share of the senator’s wealth comes from book royalties. Sanders has authored several bestselling books such as Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In (2016) and Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution (2017). These books have earned him royalties worth nearly $2 million since their publication; $868,000 (in 2016) and $880,000 (2017).


Bernie Sanders is 5 feet 7 inches tall which translates into 1.70 m. His weight is given as 165lbs or 75kg. The senator also has white hair (probably due to age) and brown eyes. Even though it may sound funny, political watchers in the US have suggested that voters sometimes factor in height in deciding who to vote for. Their evidence stems from past presidential elections where the taller individual has won on 19 occasional as opposed to the shorter individuals’ 8.

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