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It is widely said that laughter is the best medicine which would make comedians effectively doctors as they deliver doses of laughter to people who enjoy a good round of comedy. Bert Kreischer is one of such people who give people a cause to laugh through the medium of comedy; he is an unusual comic for his style of delivery, the storytelling method of his joke-telling and the topics he addresses in his routines. He straddles the career of comedy and acting, appearing in movies and television shows. However, before he achieved fame for his comedy, he already gained national recognition for his reputation as a partying machine. To learn more about Mr. Kreischer keep reading.

Bert Kreischer Bio (Age)

In the city of Tampa in Florida on the 3rd of November in 1972, Bert Kreischer was born. For his high school education, Kreischer went to a religious school belonging to the Jesuit order, after his time there he went ahead to study English in Florida State University, this was where his reputation as a diehard party animal was consolidated, a fact he has repeated a number of times.

In 1997, while Bert Kreischer was spending his sixth year in Florida State University, in the annual review of the college admissions company, The Princeton Review, the university was at the top of the list of the top party schools in the country. This was only the beginning of his fame as later that year the magazine Rolling Stone featured Bert Kreischer as the number one partier at the number one party school in the United States. The feature was a six-page article on his life as a student and his shenanigans as the number one partier in all of the country. During his time at the university, he was a member of a fraternity, the Alpha Tau Omega.

This article was Kreischer ticket to fame and was submitted to studios to be picked up for a movie, he was part of the process but after the deal failed, he no longer had a hand in it. This did not deter one of the first writers of the script from writing and submitting it to another studio. After changing Kreischer’s name which was then turned into the movie National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Kreischer had no involvement in the film and promised to never sue the producers.

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His debut as a comic was in Florida, in a bar/nightclub located in Tallahassee, the news of his genius was received by an agent in New York who after seeing him perform his act invited him over and helped him build his career. Kreischer performs shirtless and uses the moniker The Machine, which was derived from one of his jokes. He has had roles in movies, released some specials and in 2014, he published a book on his time in university titled, Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child. Kreischer also has a weekly podcast Bertcast which began in 2012.

Family – Wife, Kids and Daughter

Bert Kreischer
Bert Kreischer, wife and kids (image source)

The information about Bert Kreischer’s family from his childhood is limited. The only available knowledge on his parents is related to the careers they had, which has been spoken about only briefly. His parents led busy lives in their respective careers: his mother held a job in the field of early childhood development while his father was a real estate attorney.

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Kreischer is married to a fellow comedian, LeAnn Kreischer, the two met each other a couple of times before officially beginning their relationship after meeting for the third time. Their marriage occurred in 2003 in December of that year; she is a regular topic in his jokes and runs a podcast about their life as a couple and as parents, they are notoriously known for their jabs at each other on Twitter. The two have two children together, daughters Georgia and Ila.

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Net Worth

Bert Kreischer has had a long career in entertainment that begun with the Rolling Stone article on his life and from his time in the spotlight, he has garnered not just fame but wealth as well, his estimated net worth is $2 million, from his acting and his career in comedy.


This comedian, Bert Kreischer is a tall man who stands at 6 feet, a fact that can be easily seen from his tall frame which would stand him out from any crowd of moderately tall people.

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