Best AirtelTigo Ghana Data Bundles and Their Activation Codes for 2020

Data bundle packages for AirtelTigo Ghana are created to cater to its wide range of subscribers, especially in 2020. The data service business is an extremely competitive one, and it is filled with numerous network operators. These operators are continually seeking ways to create attractive data bundles that will win them more customers and stand them out as the go-to choice for data subscription. AirtelTigo, the second largest network operators in Ghana, is not exempt. Their bundle packages are filled with something for everyone. If you are looking for a new data subscription platform, they represent a very good option.

Big Time Xtra Data Bundle

The Big Time Xtra data bundle is the most diverse data bundle currently offered by AirtelTigo Ghana. It offers you excellent data rates that come with no expiration date. It is also very economical. With as low as GHc 0.5, a subscriber can subscribe to the Big Time Xtra.

Even more, the Big Time Xtra data bundle comes with extra data benefit that you can use from 12 am – 4 am and last for seven days. This data bundle is available to all AirtelTigo prepaid subscribers. The Big Time Xtra data bundle can be purchased using your main airtime account or your AirtelTigo money account. Those who buy using their AirtelTigo money account get more data, so the incentive is present for customers to cultivate an active money account.

Below is a table containing the various price ranges under the Big Time Xtra data bundle plus the data you get using your AirtelTigo Ghana airtime or money account.

Price (GHc) Data via Airtime Account Data via Money Account
0.50 25mb + 25mb night data
1 65mb + 65mb night data 80mb + 80mb night data
2 155mb + 155mb night data 200mb + 200mb night data
5 625mb + 625mb night data 650mb + 650mb night data
10 1.6gb + 1.6gb night data 2gb + 2gb night data
20 4.3gb + 4.3gb night data 5gb + 5gb night data
50 10.4gb + 10.4gb night data 11gb + 11gb night data

This AritelTigo Ghana data bundle has some advantages that include:

  • The primary data comes with no expiry date
  • The Big Time Xtra data bundle can be gifted to friends
  • It comes with an extra data benefit that is the same quantity as your primary data
  • It contains a lot of options for people to choose from with various price range

Despite these advantages, the bundle has a significant downside:

  • The extra data is only active from 12 am – 4 am and expires after a week. This makes it very limited and prevents users from maximizing it properly. It can lead to data wastage if it is not exhausted before seven days.

Who is the AirtelTigo Ghana Big Time Xtra Data Bundle For?

AirtelTigo Ghana Data Bundles
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The Big Time Xtra data bundle is most suitable for subscribers who require a lot of data on a lean budget. The great data rates at fair prices and the extra data provide excellent value for money.

You can subscribe to the Big Time Xtra data bundle in two ways:

  • Dial *111# and follow the prompts to select the option you seek.
  • Customers can also do a direct subscription by using a scratch card. Just purchase the required scratch card, then dial *135*PIN from the scratch card#. This was also a brilliant innovation from AirtelTigo

Sika Kokoo Data Bundle

The Sika Kokoo data bundle is yet another option in the data bundle packages offered by AirtelTigo Ghana. This data bundle entails paying GHc 5 or GHc 10 for data rates that will last five days. The Sika Kokoo ensures you get increased data quantities for you to use within five days for fair prices.

This data bundle is perfect for individuals that enjoy downloading, watching movies, or online gaming. If you are a customer who does one or all of these, then the Sika Kokoo suits you right down to the bone. The data bundle is available to both AirtelTigo prepaid and hybrid subscribers. It can also be purchased using either your main airtime account or your AirtelTigo money account.

The price offers, and the data quantities that come with them are:

  • GHc 5 gets you 1.1gb of data
  • GHc 10 fetches you a whooping 3gb of data

Both offers above are valid for five days. An advantage of this bundle is that you get substantial data at a subsidized price, and it means you can download or stream the things you want with ease. On the downside, the 5-day validity period means you have to subscribe more often, and the money can build up at the end of the month. It also means you are pressured to exhaust your data before it expires.

You can subscribe to this bundle by:

  • Dialling *111*4# and the prompts
  • Use your AirtelTigo Ghana mobile app to search for the Sika Kokoo data bundle and follow the prompts until you are subscribed.

AirtelTigo Ghana Night Data Bundle

The night bundle is essential. It is practically a fixture for network operators when they create their data bundles. AirtelTigo Ghana is not an exception as they offer their version of the midnight data bundle. The night plan is vital for nocturnal beings who enjoy the increased internet speed around that time.

Night bundles usually entail paying very little money for huge data volume that expires within hours. In the case of AirtelTigo, the night bundle is valid from 12 am – 4 am. It means you have to cover everything you need to do within that timeframe. It comes with unlimited calls within that timeframe as well.

If you are someone that enjoys browsing in the dead of night and taking advantage of the reduced customer load on network signals, this data bundle suits you perfectly. The price is not a bad proposition, either. For

  • GHc 3, you get 4.5gb of data
  • GHc 5, you get 7.5gb of data

An advantage of this plan is that you get huge data volumes for unreal prices and enjoy increased internet speed making for a smooth browsing experience. The downside is that it expires within four hours. That short validity period means you have to subscribe daily to the plan to enjoy the benefits.

You can subscribe by dialling *533*3*1# and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can subscribe by using the AirtelTigo mobile app.

The AirtelTigo Ghana Family Packs Data Bundle

The family pack data bundle is the mega data bundle available on AirtelTigo Ghana. The data bundle involves paying substantial amounts to get significant data volume shareable with three family members. This data bundle comes in handy for Netflix movie nights, group usage, or any other considerable usage that involves more than two people.

Suppose you are looking for a data bundle that caters to you and your family member’s internet demand. In that case, this is the best plan on the AirtelTigo data bundle packages for you. The price ranges under the bundle include:

  • GHc 99 for 25gb data
  • GHc 200 for 55gb data
  • GHc 350 for 175gb data

Every package under the family pack data bundle has a validity period of 30 days. It means it is a monthly subscription package. This bundle’s primary benefit is that you can share with up to three family members and have your data sorted for the month. However, it is costly and does not offer the best value for money in terms of the data volume received.

A subscriber can subscribe to the family pack plan by dialling *111# and selecting option four to choose your preferred family pack plan. Alternatively, the family pack option is available on the AirtelTigo mobile app, and you can subscribe by using the app.

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