Top 20 Best Break Up Songs to Empower You When You are Angry or Sad

Life is not a bed of roses. People make up and break up as days go by and new relationships are built everyday. People play love songs especially when things are going on well, then what song do you play when your heart is broken? Even when everything is going on smoothly, we all need a good cry once in a while, a good breakup song will surely do the magic, crying is most times like a therapy; you don’t cry only when you are sad, and crying can sometimes, induce happiness. Once in a while, try listening to a break up song to ease your emotional state or stress. Here is a list of 20 break up songs for the heartbroken.

20 Best Break Up Songs For The Heartbroken

1. “Don’t Speak,” — No Doubt

The song by the American rock band No Doubt was released in 1996. According to the group’s vocalist Gwen Stefani who wrote the song alongside her brother Eric, the original version of the song was more upbeat but was rewritten into a sad song when her boyfriend ended their 7 years relationship.

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2. We Ride — Rihanna

The song released in 2009 talks about broken promises and disappointments by someone so dear. However, it also brings courage to hold on if you have to, not give up so easily.

3. Cry Me A River — Justin Timberlake

Released in 2002, Cry Me A River joins the break up songs on our list. American famous singer, Justin Timberlake admitted the song was coined after his break up with recording artiste, Britney Spears.

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4.  7 Things — Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus says she “went nuts” during the recording of the song and decided to give it a harder sound. Just like every other break up songs, 7 things was also inspired by an ex-boyfriend of Miley. In the video, she literally expressed anger and hatred for the one responsible for her emotional turmoil while she also tries to shake it off.

5. Anytime — Brian McKnight

Feeling down and almost out of your groove? The song by McKnight could be the soul medicine you need. ‘Anytime’ was released in 1997 and till date, some fans confessed the song can definitely make a grown man cry.

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6. How Could You — Mario

The lover boy Mario expresses heartbreak, betrayal of trust in this video. So when you’re in the blue, this song is probably for you.

7. I’m Missing You — Case

This song reaches the depth of your soul when you’re terribly missing someone special. For more than a decade, ‘I’m Missing You’ remains one of the break up songs to reminisce on the good old days. Check it out.

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8.  Just An Old Boyfriend — Kaci Brown

Some fans insist this song was sung by Kaci Battaglia, not Kaci Brown. From our verification, the song is listed among Kaci Battaglia songs, released in 2001 under the Paradise album. In any case, the song replicate its title, ‘Just An Old Boyfriend,’ so you better move on honey, ’cause the future is brighter.

9.  Let It Go (Breathe) — Nivea

I guess Nivea only want you to let it go so you can breathe properly. Just listen to the song and find out how.

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10. Barely Breathing — Duncan Sheik

Someone was wondering if the song is about asthma, but not at all. If you’ve ever had a broken heart before, you’ll certainly be able to relate with this song.

11. Don’t Wanna Try– Frankie J

Yet another one on the list of our break up songs is this 2003 soul touching RnB by Frankie J. In case you’ve had enough of it and don’t wish to try any more, listen to this song.

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12. Before He Cheats — Carrie Underwood

If you’ve been cheated on before, I guess this is one of the best empowerment songs to channel your anger and frustrations – not to cause trouble though. The country song was released in 2005 to relief the brokenhearted.

13. Lost Without Your Love — Bread

OMG! This song may just be the therapy to relax the nerve after a sad, stressful day or a break up. Only people born in the 1970s may recognize songs by the group popularly known as Bread.

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14. I’m Walking Away– Craig David

Listening to the song might goosebump you out of your blues and make you feel better while you walk away from a sad experience. Enjoy!

15. Me, Myself & I — Beyonce

Trust Beyoncé to snap you out of the sad mood and remind you, you’re all you’ve got. Released in 2003, the lyrics talks about infidelity, heartbreak and separation from the things that hurt you the most.

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16. We’re Not Making Love No More — Dru Hill

The song is for all the couples who have lost a touch of romance in their relationships. It happens all thing time but a break up song such as this gives an insight into how hopeless the relationship can be if one isn’t making any effort to revive the spark. Maybe Sisqó knows the feeling.

17. I Should Have Cheated — Keyshia Cole

For some people, this is the best among all the break up songs. Released in 2005, Keyshia Cole expresses what it’s like to have your trust crushed by someone who would not even reciprocate the same feeling.

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18. The Scientist — Coldplay

The soft beat of this song will surely make you cry your heart out for losing someone in a most tragic way. But a good cry is probably what you need to feel better.

19. Picture to Burn — Taylor Swift

Everybody still loves Taylor Swift and her girly ways of getting over a break up. Well, if you need an imaginative plan to get your revenge from that person who broke your heart, watch how Taylor did it back in 2006.

20. How Could An Angel Break My Heart — Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton nailed it by asking the straight question, How Could He? Imagine him flirting with your best friend. They say passion makes the world go round, but love keeps it safe. As the world go round, so does relationships; bonds, ties are broken every moment. Let this 1990s song ease your sadness.

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