A power tower is a home fitness equipment that can help one get and stay in shape. It can be used to work the entire body and therefore can be one of the most cost-effective options for a home gym.

With a power tower machine, one can perform a wide variety of exercises that are awesome for strengthening and building muscles. The aim of this article is to create a reference point to find some of the best power tower options in the market.

Here Are The Ten Best Power Tower Machines

Weider Power Tower

An affordable model from a trusted manufacturer that people like for its stability and robust design. It comes with the typical workout stations and the thickly padded back, and hand grips make it comfortable to use. Coupling it together can be pretty difficult though. It has 300 lbs capacity and is 57L x 41W x 84H inches (94 pounds).

Fitness Reality High Capacity Power Tower

With the Fitness Reality High Capacity Power Tower one can perform a very wide variety of workouts, all on the same equipment. Your single knee squats, incline pushups, vertical knee raises, hammer pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, assisted dips, and progressive pull-ups can be done on the one machine giving a sure definition to full body workout.

power tower

It handles a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds and the legs can be bolted to the floor for maximum stability.  The tower has large two-inch thick foam dipped hand grips for maximum comfort and a firm grip while working out.

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XMark XM-4434 Fitness Tower

This is a rather tall model, the height is 82.2 inches (211 cm) and because of the 14-gauge steel frame construction, it can handle about 350 lbs. If you are heavier, you can use it safely and pros can add extra resistance to their workouts by using weight plates with a belt or a weight vest.

It has a high-density cushion, the back and armrests are well placed and thick providing comfortable training and the handles are covered with comfortable rubber for safe usage.

Stamina 1690

The Stamina 1690 has a capacity of just 250 lbs, and it does not come with a professional dip section but it is affordable and at its modest price you will get an item that is perfect for doing the most beneficial body weight exercises.

It takes up little space and is, therefore, optimal for smaller rooms and can be quickly moved around and stored after working out.

Bowflex Body Tower

This power tower comes with several extra features for stability, better training, and more exercises. It is an adjustable power tower that comes with EZ-Adjust horizontal bars which means you can lower or take the dip bars higher.

Bowflex Tower also comes with sling traps. Sling traps are used to keep the correct form while you do leg lifts or knee raises protecting you from moving forward and backward.

Soozier Full Body Home Fitness Station

The Soozier Home Fitness Station w/Sit-up Bench handles a maximum weight capacity of 665 pounds, which is much higher than most equipment can accommodate and which makes it a great equipment for a wide range of athletes.

It is practically a complete home fitness gym allowing you to perform multiple exercises, including waist, abdominal, and upper body, all in one equipment. It has several stations for the various body workouts.

Body Vision PT600

Just a 250-pound capacity but the height of this power tower is 85 inches (215 cm), so it is perfect for taller users. Also, has a modest price that corresponds with its limited features.

Body Champ Power Tower

The body champ power tower has the traditional functions and its construction is alright. The manufacturer made a D-frame base that provides better stability compared to other models.

Pull Up Station With Lift Assist

It can handle up to 600 pounds, an amazing weight capacity that enables heavyweight people to perform their first pull-ups and dips. It has a unique lift assist technology that elevates the user to carry out the moves in case they have not enough strength yet. It comes with an adjustable sit up bench for training abs.

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Power Tower With Heavy Bag Stand

A traditional workout station plus a heavy bag stand. The XMark Deluxe, for instance, has a section at the back that allows you to hang a maximum 100 lbs heavy bag. That is enough for anyone to have a great punching workout at home.

Heavy bag training can be one of the most beneficial workouts to develop your cardio, endurance, burn fat and even to release stress. And bodyweight training is great for boosting your strength and building muscle mass.