10 Best and Easy Pranks to Pull on Friends

Everyone loves playing pranks on people; be they workmates, friends, schoolmates or even strangers. There are loads of easy pranks to pull on friends however, it is worth noting though that utmost care should be taken to ensure there is no bodily harm inflicted on any of the participants. These easy pranks even though funny, should maintain some form of decorum and respect towards all involved. If you have never surprised your friends, below are some of the best pranks to pull on friends and these ideas are bound to elicit some favourable reaction from all and sundry.

Pranks To Pull On Friends

10. The New Car Prank

Car Prank

If by any chance your roommate or workmate has just bought a new car and is busy showing it off to his or her friends; then you can patiently wait for him to park the car and either go to his workstation or go inside the house. You can then get a balloon and place it on the tailpipe of the new car and wait for him to start the car; the balloon will pop and your friend will automatically stop, thinking it is a tire burst, never mind he may be using tubeless tires!

9. Breakfast With Eggs


Another great prank to pull on friends is offering to make breakfast for your friends at your place. Ensure you prepare boiled eggs for them. Among the boiled eggs; put one or two raw ones and invite your friends to partake in the meal. It is a sight to behold as one of them will try to either peel the raw egg or just try to crack it. A real messy affair!

8. Salt and Sugar

sugar and salt

This is fairly common but it is one of the best pranks to pull on friends: When meeting some of your friends over lunch or a cup of coffee in the evening in a restaurant, smartly switch the salt and sugar holders and offer one of your friends the switched holder and watch as he salts his cup of coffee or tea. A word of caution though; you should be ready to buy an extra plate of food or cup of coffee for the affected party!

7. Toilet Signs Prank

Toilet Signs Prank

This one still tops the list of great pranks to pull on friends even though it is an old trick. All you do is to switch the signs for ladies and men’s toilet. This is a really naughty prank and the results are always hilarious; a scream followed with some unkind words, the brave ones will afford a smile.

6. Look Up The Sky

Credit: BT
Credit: BT

Go to a busy street that has a lot of human traffic. Make sure you are in a group of at least 2 or 3 guys. Stand somewhere along the pavement where people are passing and point towards the sky or a tall building. Come up with any kind of story and watch how a crowd builds up around you within a short span of time.

5. Umbrella Contents

Umbrella Contents pranks

Wait when it is quite rainy and everyone comes in with an umbrella in the office or classroom. Quietly get some pieces of paper, paper clips or dust. Place whatever you get inside someone’s folded umbrella and wait for them to open the umbrella on their way out. They will get a shower they hardly expected!

4. Computer Mouse Prank

Computer Mouse Prank

If you are looking for one of the easy pranks to pull on your friends who is always on his computer and uses an optical mouse, you can mess up his day by taping some paper over the eye of the mouse. Chances are that he will furiously try calling the IT department and start complaining about how useless that particular brand of computers is; they rarely check underneath the mouse!

3. Toothbrush Attack

Toothbrush Prank

Grab your friends or brothers toothbrush and sprinkle lots of salt on the brush; do this the night before to ensure the salt really settles in. Immediately he starts brushing his teeth, be there to witness him spit the salty contents out of his mouth. Keep your distance though; for he may just spit on your face instead of the sink in annoyance!

2. Bathroom Soap delusion

Bathroom Soap delusion

Get a tin of clear nail polish and generously apply it on a bar of soap that you share as a family or is used by your target. Make sure you do this early enough so as to allow the polish to dry on the soap. You can be sure that the showering experience will not be memorable for the affected parties.

1. Switched Pen Prank

pen pranks

One of the easiest pranks to pull on friends is the switching of pens. It is one of the simplest pranks of all time and in this case, simply take your friends pens either in the office or at school and replace them with other similar pens that have their caps glued to the pen and watch you colleague struggle to get the cap off; if you do this to a friend just before an exam make sure you have an extra pair for him.

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