10 Best TV/ Video Documentaries on Africa

Africa is a rich and diverse continent and therefore it comes as no surprise that many nature enthusiasts, photographers and film makers choose her as the best place to create the most interesting documentaries in the world. Currently, majority of the highest rated documentaries are on Africa although they have been produced by foreigners.

The documentaries are not just great for entertainment; they are also wonderful in educating people on nature and geography. If you are Africa documentary enthusiast and you wish to know the top 10 best TV/Video documentaries on Africa, then this post is for you. You will soon find out why they are rated the best and why you should to at least watch them.

1. Wild things with Dominic Monaghan


Released in 2012, this documentary on Africa is one of the most popular and top-rated films of all times. On IMDb, the documentary is rated 9.4 out of possible 10 stars. There are several great episodes of this documentary and all have scored so high with the best episode being “The Black Hairy Thick Tail Scorpion”. Dominic braves the remote wilderness of the African country of Namibia to hunt for the Africa’s biggest, deadliest scorpion referred to as parabuthus villosus. I’m pretty sure you will love the documentary.

2. Witness (Colony)

the witness

This documentary on Africa tends to examine China’s aggressive economic colonization of Africa especially the West African country of Senegal. The film, which debuted on 2010, shows how the Chinese work inside Senegal to change the economic landscape of the world’s second largest continent. Historians believe that Chinese work in Africa actually began in Senegal and it is there her economic effects can be easily appreciated. The documentary also looks at a myriad of ways in which the Africans are affected by the actions of the foreigners.

3. The Queen Of Trees


Released in 2005, the queen of trees is a remarkable story of one of the Africa’s most wonderful trees known as fig tree and the kind of relationship that exists between it and the animals of the jungle. The most interesting part is that the documentary examines the relationship between the enormous size of the fig tree and the small size of its evolution ally fig wasp. This is one of the most amazing stories you can find in the natural world. The story was written by Mark Deeble.

4. Rwanda: The Untold Story


Everyone knows what happened in Rwanda in 1991. The genocide in that country was the worst this world has ever seen. However, there are still so many deep-seated secrets surrounding what really happened in this East African Country. The documentary ‘Rwanda: The Untold Story’ seeks to unearth some of the secrets that have never come to light. The cast in the documentary features some of the world’s most respectable personalities including Kofi Annan and Tony Blair. This documentary on Africa is mind-blowing and will keep you at the edge of your seat.

5. Living In Emergency

living in emergency

This documentary TV series, which debuted in 2008, is one of the most educative and the most interesting/entertaining series in the world. “Living in Emergency” is about four volunteers with Doctors Without Borders who struggle against the odds to provide emergency medical cure under terrible conditions in the war-tone zones of Congo and Liberia. I promise you that if you really are documentary enthusiast, you will find this a great one to choose for entertainment and possibly education. Try and check it out.