Best Ugandan Universities: 2020 Latest Ranking

In Uganda, the system of education has a structure of 7 years of primary education, 6 years of secondary education (divided into 4 years of lower secondary and 2 years of upper secondary school), and 3 to 5 years of post-secondary education. This system of education has existed since the early 1960s. You will agree that Uganda to some extent, is known to have some of the best universities in Africa. The 2020 global ranking of the best Ugandan universities for 2020 has been released by the 4ICU (4 International Colleges & Universities), and the result is somewhat different from what we saw last year, 2019.

It seems that some Universities that were not pleased with where they were ranked in previous years have tried their best to ensure that they climb up the ladder to be ranked among the best.

Note that the ranking was done based on four vital composite indicators which include their Presence, rate of Impact, Openness, and Academic excellence.

1. Makerere University

Makerere University began as far back as 1922 as a technical school. It grew into the University of East Africa in 1963, and by 1970 it was already being ranked among the best. It has over 40,000 students offering its postgraduate and undergraduate programs. Makerere University comfortably seats as one of the best Ugandan universities anyone would love to be associated with.

2. Uganda Christian University 

Uganda Christian University began in 1913 and it is owned by the Church of Uganda. It began as the Bishop Tucker Theological College but was later in 1997 changed to a University. Located in Kampala, the university has 7 schools including a medical school and a School of Research & Post Graduate Studies.

3. Mbarara University of Science and Technology

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Located in southwest Kampala, the Mbarara University of Science and Technology was founded in 1989. It has two campuses, 3 faculties, and 3 institutions. More so, it offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses to the doctorate level. Obviously, when it comes to science and technology, this is the best university in Uganda.

4. Kampala International University

Kampala International University is like most others, located in Kampala and it was founded in 2001. The university has over 27 thousand students and it offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate, as well as postgraduate programs.

5. Kyambogo University

Considering that this University only began in 2002, it is among the young universities in Uganda, but it is doing good. It is located in Kampala and as of 2016, the number of students has risen to over 25,000.

6. Uganda Martyrs University

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A privately owned university, Uganda Martyrs University was established in 1989 in Kampala. It has grown to be home to over 5,000 students from the 84 students it began with. The Roman Catholic-affiliated university has remained an important university in the country.

7. Uganda Technology and Management University

Talking about the very young universities in Uganda, this emerges as one of the youngest yet one of the best. It was founded only in 2012, and it has less than 2000 students. Also located in Kampala, the Uganda Technology and Management University offers diplomas courses as well as, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees.

8. Busitema University

Another of the best Ugandan universities coming at number 8 is the Busitema University which began in 2007. The university has 8 campuses, 4 faculties, and it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a few courses.

9 Gulu University

As rightly suggested by the name, Gulu University is located in Gulu, and it was established in 2002. The university offers both postgraduate and undergraduate degrees and it has six faculties and two institutes. It comfortably seats as one of the best Ugandan universities of choice.

10. Bugema University

Bugema University has its history dating back to 1948 in affiliation with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The university really began as a tertiary institution only in 1997. It has 4 schools and offers degrees in both graduate and postgraduate courses, and it also runs diplomas and certificate courses.

11. Cavendish University Uganda

Another university that was established in 2007 is the Cavendish University Uganda which is located like many other best Uganda universities in Kampala. It is a university that has over 5,000 students and four Faculties as well as a School of Post Graduate Studies.

12. Muni University

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It is quite a feat for this university to emerge as one of the top universities in Uganda. This is most especially true when you consider the fact that it was only established in 2012. With less than a thousand students, Muni University offers various undergraduate courses.

13. Victoria University, Kampala

The Victoria University, Kampala is a private university that was established in 2011. This is a small university with less than a thousand students. More so, it only offers undergraduate courses and diplomas.

14. Islamic University in Uganda

With over 7000 students, the Islamic University in Uganda was founded in 1988 and is located in Mbale. It has 4 campuses, 8 faculties, and a Center for Postgraduate Studies.

15. Mountains of the Moon University

Established in 2005, Moutain of the Moon University was launched as a private non-profit institution higher education institution. However, it was transitioned to a public university in 2018 after an executive directive. This university is rather very small, with the number of students still slightly above a thousand. The university is located in Fort Portal and it has 5 schools. It runs certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post-graduate courses.

16. International Business, Science and Technology University

Set up in 2006, ISBAT is a private multi-campus institution in Kampala with branches in Jinja, Mbarara, and Mukono. The coeducational institution began as a tertiary institution of education operating as a branch of the Manipal University of India. This changed in 2013 but it finally became a full-fledged university in 2016. The university which gained a charter status in 2019 currently caters to about 5,000 students who run programs leading to pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees), bachelor degrees, master degrees in several areas of study.

17. Clarke International University (International Health Sciences University)

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The Clark International University is known previously as International Health Sciences University. The institution is a private university located in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. Founded in 2008, this is a pretty much new university and it has slightly over a thousand students. It offers some postgraduate and undergraduate degree courses as well as diploma and certificate courses.

18. Nkumba University

It was in 1994 that the Nkumba University began in Entebbe. With over 10,000 students, the university offers certificates, diplomas, bachelor degrees, and postgraduate academic qualifications, and it operates six schools.

19. Kabale University

Located in Kabale, Kabale university was founded in 2001 to serve the public as a government-owned institution. The higher institution is relatively small catering to about 5,000 students who run courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees including pre-bachelor degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation degrees), bachelor degrees, master degrees in several areas of study.

20. Muteesa I Royal University

The Muteesa I Royal University was started in 2007 and today it has grown to have more than 3,000 students. Also located in Kampala, the 21st best university in Uganda has three campuses and four campuses with two more on the way. Apart from bachelor degrees, it also offers certificate and diploma courses.

21.  Kampala University

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It was in 2000 that this private university began in the Ugandan capital city. It is a large university with over 10,000 students as well as 10 universities in places both within the country and outside, with even a campus in Russia. It offers certificate, diploma, graduate, and postgraduate courses.

22. King Ceasor University

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King Ceasor University was established in 2011 as St. Augustine International University. Located in the urban areas of the biggest city of Kampala, the institution is relatively big with several campuses including Bunga Campus, Kisoro Campus, Mulago Campus, and Namugongo Campus.

The coeducational institution presents courses and programs leading to recognized higher education degrees in multiple areas of study.

23. Bishop Stuart University

Located in Mbarara, Bishop Stuart University is a private university that was founded in 2002. It has two campuses, four faculties, and it offers certificate and diploma courses as well as undergraduate degree courses.

24. International University of East Africa

The International University of East Africa started in 2010 in Kampala as a very small university. Today, it is still not one of the largest in terms of size, but it hasn’t been the worst when it comes to the standard of education. With 4 faculties, this also offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

25. Ndejje University

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This is a private university that is located in Ndejje, Uganda. The Christian university began in 1992, making it the oldest private university in Uganda. The university has over 6000 students and 4 campuses. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


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