Betsy Woodruff’s Family Life: Is She Married or Related To Bob Woodruff?

Betsy Woodruff, an American journalist currently serving as the national political reporter for Politico and contributor to MSNBC, is married. She is the wife of Jonathan Swan, an Emmy Award-winning Australian journalist with The New York Times.

Betsy shares the same last name with legendary American ABC News journalist, Bob Woodruff. However, they are not related in any way.

Who Exactly is Betsy Woodruff and How Old is She?

The Purcellville, Virginia native was born on October 31, 1989. Betsy began exhibiting good writing and reporting skills from an early age, which obviously later informed her career choice. An English Language graduate from Hillsdale College, Betsy was an active student who participated in the school’s Journalism Program and worked as a writer for several other independent news outlets.

After college, Woodruff kicked off her career at the National Review Institute which earned her the William F. Buckley Fellowship. Her next job was as a political reporter for the Washington Examiner. She currently works with the Daily Beast where she continues reporting and writing about politics. Woodruff’s stint with the Daily Beast began in 2015 and she covers a range of topics and prevalent political issues for the outlet. She has also made appearances on several shows on other networks including MSNBC and Fox Business.

Who Are Betsy Woodruff’s Parents?

Betsy is one of the three children born to Jane Tharpa and Scott Woodruff whose marital journey began in the early 1980’s. Her mother, a marketing graduate from the University of Missouri formerly worked at a college bookstore but is now a homemaker. Unlike her daughter, Jane, a Missouri native has zero interest in politics. Betsy’s brother, Chris works and lives in Bangkok, Thailand, with his family, while her sister Jane works and lives in Leesburg, Virginia. Despite their busy work schedules, Betsy and her family maintain a strong bond as evidenced on various social media platforms.

Is Betsy Woodruff Married?

A beauty with brains, Betsy Woodruff has sure turned heads and hearts in the industry and beyond. While the young journalist has never been married, she recently got her fans excited with the news of her engagement. Woodruff’s soon-to-be husband is Jonathan Swan, a fellow Australian colleague in the industry. The couple has been dating for a while and Swan decided to take the relationship to the next level by popping the question on March 10, 2018.

Betsy Woodruff and fiance Jonathan Swan
Betsy Woodruff and fiance Jonathan Swan

Jonathan Swan who is from a journalism-inclined family, currently works as a national political reporter for Axios. He previously worked with The Hill, a Washington-based political newspaper and has made guest appearances on some other popular cable news networks.

Though Woodruff and Swan have kept their fans and the public at large in the dark regarding details of their anticipated wedding and marriage, we can only wish the couple who are apparently crazily in love with each other a happy ever after.

Is Betsy Woodruff Related to Bob Woodruff?

It is not uncommon for people with the same names or facial resemblance to be linked together as relatives. The case has not been different for Woodruff whom many have wondered if she is by any chance related to the famous American TV journalist, Bob Woodruff. Bob who has had a successful journalism career is a popular TV face on various networks such as ABC News and CBS News. In the course of her career, Betsy and Rob who share the same surname and career path have been linked together but in reality, they are actually not related in any way.

More so, Betsy has been speculated to be the daughter of a high-profile couple Al Hunt and Judy Woodruff, who are both popular journalists. Given that Betsy shares the same last name with Judy, both women have oftentimes been linked to each other. However, the two women have at various times debunked the rumours. Particularly, via their social media handles, in November 2017, Betsy stressed that Judy wasn’t her mother while in February 2018, Judy Woodruff confirmed that she and her husband were not related to Betsy in any way. A writer and broadcast journalist, Judy Woodruff is also a popular TV face that has worked on several cable networks such as CNN and NBC. She currently works as an anchor and editor for PBS NewsHour.

Other Interesting Facts About Betsy Woodruff

1. Betsy who has a petite frame stands at a height of 5 feet 1/2 inch and weighs 57 kg. Her body stats are bust – 34 inches, waist – 26 inches and hips – 34 inches.

2. Betsy Woodruff has an active social media life. Though her Facebook account is no longer active, she still has a huge following on Twitter and Instagram.

3. She has been honoured for her contributions to the industry. Notably, one of her many accolades is an award from the Michigan Press Association.

4. While the exact value of her net worth is uncertain, Betsy Woodruff’s annual salary with the Daily Beast is estimated to be around $69,000 to $75,000.

5. She currently lives and works in Washington D.C.

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