This Is How African Migrants En Route Europe Die At Sea [Video]

Illegal migration has taken a turn for the worse ever since the wars and conflicts in many parts of the world. Caught on camera was the rescue mission of an Italian troop – Bettica Patrol. Prompted by the capsizing boat, the team rescued about 562 people.

The migrants sighted the rescue ship and by reflex rushed to its direction. Due to the one-sided weight the boat overturned. The Italian team rushed out in several boats to help the almost drowning migrants. Five were found dead.

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Eye witnesses describe the struggle as a desperate show of survival of the fittest. The Italian troop recognized as the Bettica patrol threw out life rafts and jackets to the desperate victims for the fear of drowning.

For a second round in one day, the Bettica Patrol rescue team saved another 108 migrants from drowning in another Mediterranean episode. Report says that the recent rescue mission has increased the toll of rescued migrants to 6000 in recent times.

As Europe remains strict on loosening up their borders to migrants, Libya has become the hot spot to take off to Italy. The Italian authorities are still carrying out operations at the Mediterranean in line with a fatal shipwreck last year. The tragic shipwreck occurred in April, 2015. With a death toll of 700, it is recorded as the “largest single loss of life” at the Mediterranean in decades.

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Syrians and Africans are largely found at the moment being smuggled to Europe through Libya. Some make it and some others don’t. The harsh realities of migrants in their countries have escalated the uncountable deaths at the Mediterranean.

Below are some of the pictures from the Wednesday shipwreck:

Bettica Patrol

Bettica Patrol

Bettica Patrol

Bettica Patrol

Image(s) Source: Italian Navy Authorities