Between Kcee and E-money Who is Older? 

KCee and E-money are brothers born to the same parents, however, KCee is the older of the two siblings. 

Like two peas in a pod, the two brothers KCee and E-money have been the toast of social and entertainment circles in Nigeria for several years now. Moreover, so many of their fans have always wanted to know who is older between the brothers, among several other questions. It is pertinent to note that both of them are very successful in their own rights and have been thrilling Nigerians and social circles for several good reasons.

Who is Older Between KCee And E-money?

Those who know both KCee and E-money as siblings always ask this question to satisfy their curiosity, and it probably stems from the perception and belief that the older sibling is often times the most prominent and wealthier of two or more siblings.

KCee was born on 18 April 1979, which makes him 44 years old presently, while E-money, on the other hand, was born on 18 February 1981, which makes him 42 years old. So from their birth years, it is evident that KCee is older than E-money by two years, but that seems to be the only fact that gives this statistic away easily.

If the brothers were to stand side-by-side posing for a picture as they often do, it would be pretty difficult to tell from their faces and physique who is older between the two siblings, but as is often said – the numbers do not lie.

KCee Has a Successful Musical Career

Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, popularly known as KCee or the Limpopo master, is a Nigerian songwriter, performing musician, and businessman, who took over the airwaves in 2013 with his monster hits Limpopo and followed by another one, Pullover (featuring Wiz Kid). Since then, he has been thrilling his fans and music lovers.

KCee began his adventure into the music world when he joined the choir and made a friend with whom he formed the group called KC Presh. The duo were together for 12 years and first came to the public’s attention when they entered the Star Quest Television Reality Show – which they eventually won.

Sometime in 2011, KCee and his music partner split up to pursue their own individual careers, and that decision was probably the beginning of his rise in the music industry. His first solo album was not much of a success, but that changed around 2013 when he released his monster hit, Limpopo, which not only ruled the Nigerian airwaves but that of Africa as well.

Over the years, he didn’t really ride on the popularity of his musical breakthrough by putting out back-to-back music singles or albums, as he seems to have settled more into business than the entertainment industry. This is not much of a surprise, especially as Nigerian music is a very dynamic one with very few music veterans still managing to remain relevant to date.

It’s worth noting that even though his songs don’t rule the airwaves anymore today, his few very popular singles still evoke nostalgic feelings amongst music lovers, both in Nigeria and beyond her borders.

E-money is an Astute Businessman and Philanthropist

Emeka Okonkwo was your average and regular Nigerian until the early 2010s when he began to make waves in social circles as a young rich Nigerian who was very willing to share his wealth with those who had less than he did – especially with comedians, actors, and other celebrities. Everyone who had enjoyed his benevolence gladly sang his praise for the whole nation and world to know. so, who really is E-money?

E-money, also known as Arab Money – probably due to his preference to adorn Arab-styled men’s apparel at social events, is a Nigerian entrepreneur, serial investor, socialite, and philanthropist. He was born in Lagos to Chief and Mrs. Okonkwo and spent his formative years in a popular ghetto suburb of Lagos called Ajegunle. Very little was known of him till the early 2010s when celebrities started singing his praise.

He credited his source of wealth to a life-changing phone call he received, informing him of winning a contract worth up to N20 billion, and in his words, “That phone call changed our lives ever since then.” He has since pushed on from that singular breakthrough to become very successful in business.

E-money is the CEO of Five Star Group of Companies – which includes Five Star Music, a platform that helped launch his older brother’s music career, and several others. He is the CEO of Five Star Oil & Gas – his foray into the very lucrative Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria. He is also the CEO of Emmy Cargoes and Shipping Nigeria Limited – a shipping and delivery venture that he is very passionate about.

He is also believed to be one of the most prominent investors in the Cubana Group of Companies, which was founded by Obi Iyiegbu. He is also rumored to own an automobile sales company, as well as a few hotels – which all contribute to his increasing net worth. There are definitely other secret investments that E-money has, which he has decided not to make public. He is also said to own a few houses within Nigeria and outside the shores of the country, which would definitely contribute meaningfully to his net worth in the long run.

Is E-money Richer Than KCee?

Both KCee and E-money use their social media handles to show off their affluent lifestyle, hence the reason why so many of their fans and admirers really want to know who is richer between both siblings. KCee’s current net worth is put between $2 million to $5 million – most of which comes from his music career, endorsement deals from major brands, and business investments with his brother E-money.

E-money’s current net worth is put between $30 million to $55 million – with the bulk of his wealth coming from his landmark contract award, his shipping and cargo business, hotel investment, and other businesses and investments that he has his hands in.

So clearly, E-money is the richer of the two popular siblings. It is even on records that E-money provided the platform upon which Kcee’s music career blossomed and came to the limelight – having provided the record label for his brother and spending a decent amount of money to promote KCee’s first hit song Limpopo to great success.

However, when it comes to popularity, KCee is definitely more popular than his brother E-money due to the reach that his musical career has afforded him. Despite the huge gap in their net worth, one can hardly tell from the way they relate together. It’s all love between the brothers, who reportedly own several businesses together, including “Splursh Water,” amongst other investments.


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