Beware: These Are the 15 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World – No.1 will Shock You!

Most of the times, the factor we give the most consideration when seeking for a job or business, is the pay. We just want to know how lucrative the job/business is, what the returns are like. But there are much more important factors that are begging consideration. One of the most important of them all is the fatality rate of the job or business in question. It is true that every lucrative business has a certain level of risk and fatality attached, but for these jobs, setting out for work every new day is completely life threatening.

Here are the 10 Deadliest Jobs to do in the World

15. Truck and Heavy Duty Vehicle Driving


The risks faced by truck drivers are known to almost everyone, especially those who use the roads frequently. These drivers always convey great masses of goods between vast distances across the country. Most of the times, their journeys are made at night. There is this rumour that most truck drivers are diabolical – they have the ability to disappear in cases of any mishap. This is because of the very low survival rate in cases of truck accidents which are usually fatal. The rate of accidents are very much higher where the roads are in bad conditions or during unfavorable weather conditions which can blur the driver’s vision as the heavy-duty trucks are prone to fatal falls whenever they jump into pot holes. The case of drivers transporting inflammable goods like gas, petrol or diesel is even worse as the accidents are much more catastrophic.

14. Farming, Ranching And Other Agricultural Management jobs


According to a major study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Farming and Agriculture have become one of the most stressful and dangerous occupations. Farm owners were among the top 12 occupations with a significant incidence of stress-related illnesses. But the truth is that it remains one of the most lucrative businesses, especially when done commercially. The level of risk and fatality depends on how the business is being run. For those in developed countries where safety measures are moderately provided, the dangers are not so high, but for those in uncivilized societies, it is much more dangerous. On some occasions, farmers/nomads have been bucked, bitten, trampled or torn by raging farm animals like bulls, pigs, and dogs. For the mechanized farmers, tractor and truck accidents which are always fatal are also very likely to occur, while the subsistence farmer also stand the risk of sustaining fatal injuries from farm tools and implements in the course of work.

13. Construction work


This include roofing, carpentry work, high-rise metal constructions, building bridges, setting up telecommunication masts etc. It’s never always safe or easy when it come to these jobs. Specifically, roofers are always exposed to extremely high temperature intensity which is very hazardous to health. Even in the midst of extreme carefulness and safety measures, catastrophic accidents still occur. Sometimes, the workers slip from ladders thousands of feet above the ground, they may fall from roof tops or as well sustain grave injuries from their usually harmful tools and equipment – hammers, saws, chisels, nails, etc.

12. Wild Animal Capture and Taming


When we visit the zoo and game reserves, we enjoy seeing wild animals we know we’d never have seen in real life if not that our fellow human beings captured and tamed them. Capturing and training predators such as lions, elephants, crocodiles, snakes or killer whales can be a daunting task, considering that sharp teeth and a taste for blood are traits that all these animals share. It’s true that these professionals have already established and proven skills and tactics that enable them safely capture and train these wild beasts, but the fact remains that a wild animal is a cannibal! They still run very great risks of being hurt, if not consumed by these animals. In fact, many years back in a zoo in Nigeria, a lion ate the person who attends to it. On some other occasion in another zoo, also in Nigeria, a lion escaped the zoo without any one knowing its whereabouts.

11. Body Guards and Armoured Car Drivers


Depending on what part of the world we are talking about and who or what is actually being guarded, these jobs can get quite hairy. The risks involved in this job range from being the target of robbers and other criminals to fatal accidents as a result of over speeding. For those who guard banks and carry cash from place to place, they usually stand the risk of being shot dead during robbery attacks. The same with those guarding high-profile men as they are always the target in other for the criminals to have access to whatever they want which is being guarded.