How To Get The Beyonce No Makeup Look- Top 10 Tips

The Beyonce no makeup look started trending last year courtesy of the star’s “I woke up like this” hashtag.

Before then the star has always been in the list of natural beauties in the entertainment industry.

The no makeup look basically refers to 2 conditions:

  • Literally wearing your natural look with absolutely no makeup on.
  • Wearing a no make up inspired look like the Beyonce no makeup look.

The likes of Alicia Keys has dared to attend series of Awards and TV shows exactly the way she looks at 7am (super gorgeous if we must admit).

Alicia Keys is not the only one who is upholding the make-up free pledge. Alessia Cara, a Canadian singer, and songwriter has also towed the same line. Both stars graced the MTV Awards looking as casually stunning as possible.

So if you want the Alicia Keys or Beyonce no makeup look then be certain you need to take your facials and skin care very seriously in order to confidently rock that look.

Honestly, you don’t want to be caked in makeup all the time

No one ever said the makeup was supposed to take over your face. Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty (which every woman has).

Let’s drop the catalog and let the Beyonce no makeup look inspire you.

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Beyince No Makeup

First things first, whether it is a no makeup or a no makeup no makeup look, skin care is fundamental.

1. Wash Your Face Regularly

Washing your face morning and night will save the face from acne and other blemishes.

2. Moisturize The Face

A good facial moisturizer will give you a radiant skin. Sunscreen moisturizer will particularly protect your skin from harsh sun’s rays. No bleaching please… instead a good skin care routine and a good moisturizer will do the trick.

3. Try Natural Exfoliants

Beyonce No Makeup

Exfoliation is a healthy beauty process of relieving the skin of dead cells. It takes about a month for dead skin cells to flake off and give room to the new skin. Residues of this dead cells dull the complexion, makes it rough and even interferes with oil secretion.

Thus in order to have a healthy radiant skin oatmeal facial scrubs usually containing other exfoliants like yogurt, baking soda, honey, sugar, and salt are used.

4. Let The Eyebrows Be

Beyonce No Makeup

One noticeable feature in any Beyonce no makeup look picture is her eyebrows. The eyes really are almost the focal point of makeup.

Gone are the days when fashion was all about scrapping off the entire eyebrows. The natural look is taking the cake these days for a lot of women all over the world. The fuller the eyebrows the better and more natural the look.

Do well to only Tweeze only obvious stray hairs above and below the eyebrow without interfering with the actual shape of the eyebrow.

5. Use Matching Foundations, Powders, and Concealers

For a no makeup no makeup look, your foundation, concealers, and powders should blend in with your complexion. The effect makes people really wonder if it’s all natural or you had some sort of help.

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6. Lightly Highlight the Eyebrows

Beyonce No Makeup

All eyebrows must not be shaped the same. Take the natural shape of your brows and lightly highlight them. No smudging…

A Nigerian TV presenter expressed her worry over the excessive “art” of makeup especially on the brows. “Everyone seems to look the same,” she said. And that is not the idea. Your beauty is unique when you own it. If Beyonce were trying to look like someone else, we may not be citing her natural looks as an example.

6. Go For Light/Nude Colors

It’s not a painting contest. What we want is to have people wonder if there’s makeup on your face or not. Sometimes less is more.

Well, we all do not and will never have similar full and thick hair genes. If you effortlessly have it, rock it. If you don’t the light highlighting trick is for you. To line the lids a lighter shade of color than black may be used.

7. Vaseline Or Mascara

Both Vaseline(petroleum jelly) or the mascara will help wake the eyes up. Lovers of the natural look have testified that the jelly gives the same effect while giving a more natural look.

8. Eat Healthily

Beyonce No Makeup

All of these beauty tips work better when we eat healthily. Remember, You are what you eat. If you generally have a healthy skin, you would dare to rock an all natural look.

Fruits and vegetables are good for this purpose.

9. Take Care Of That Hair

Beyonce no Makeup

The no makeup look may or may not necessarily involve the hair, thanks to trending scarfs especially on one of those bad hair days. However, it’s a super plus to have a tidy a well-groomed hair-do, be it casual or otherwise.