Bill Donohue

Deviating from the sentiments shared by the Pope at the close of the weekend, Bill Donohue would like an apology from LGBT Americans.

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Pope Francis had in an unscripted moment on Sunday, sounded out that Christians should apologize to gays and others who have been offended
or exploited by the church.

Bill Donohue who is the leader of the Catholic League however issued a response on CNN’s “New Day”, on Tuesday.

Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue had been asked if he planned to heed the pope’s call for the Church to apologize to gays and other exploited people and he responded in the negative, further saying;

“As a matter of fact, I want an apology from gays. I’ve been assaulted by gays. I’ve never assaulted a gay person in my entire life.”

Bill Donohue has strongly opposed any semblance of equality for members of the gay community. Under his leadership, the Catholic League refused to participate in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City after the event organizers decided to allow a gay-rights group to march.

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Further back in 2014, the Catholic League has called for a boycott of beer companies that promoted LGBT equality and Donohue has described same-sex marriage as “the most bizarre idea in human history.”

In the course of the interview, “New Day” host Chris Cuomo had then asked Bill Donohue why he has spent “so much energy” on fighting equality for gays. To that, Donohue had replied; “I don’t want to have a lifestyle thrusted in my face,”

Bill Donohue

Donohue then went on to make another reference to the Pope, saying that he had not finished his thought when he called for such an apology and seemingly quoted some of Pope Francis’ past sentiments;

“[Pope Francis] has said that gay marriage is the work of the devil. He has said that gendered ideology — you know the trans, the trans people? — he says that gender ideology is demonic, that’s the pope that I like.”

The views of Donohue, just like that of the Pope’s will not be popular everywhere, but it no doubt has its grateful followers.