Bill Gates Still The World’s Richest At $90 Billion Net Worth

According to Bloomberg, Bill Gates is still retaining his world’s richest man spot at a current deafening net worth of $90 billion.

With the rate of his philanthropy, one would have thought that the moneybag’s net worth will not sky-rocket in the surprising way that it did.

As at March, Forbes reported that the Microsoft founder had a net worth of $75 billion.

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International reports says that the rise in net worth was brought about by the gains in the shares of Canadian National Railway (CNI) Company and Ecolab Ink (ECL). Bill Gates has holdings in both companies.

With a $90 billion net worth, Bill’s empire takes up 0.5 percent of U.S. GDP.

Bill Gates’ current net worth has increased the margin between him and Amancio Ortega, the 2nd world’s richest billionaire with a $76.2 billion net worth. From a 2.4 billion gap, Bill now beats Ortega with a stunning $13.8 billion margin.

This net worth increase seems to be a near-repeat of Forbes estimation in 1999. It was reported then that the world’s richest man’s empire was worth over $100 Billion. The figures soon went down because of the “federal antitrust case decision against Microsoft that year and the bursting of the tech bubble in early 2000.”


Bloomberg Billionaires Index is a “dynamic measure of personal wealth based on changes in markets, the economy and Bloomberg reporting”. It is daily ranker of people’s wealth.

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So while Forbes still ranks Bill Gates with a fixed net worth over a specified period of time, Bloomberg gives the real time net worth at each point in time. So far the world’s richest man has made a gain of about $6.2 billion this year alone.

Just like Bill Gates there have been a number of other major gains so far in the year for some world billionaire rankings.

Zuckerberg has made an $8.9 billion gain; Harold Hamm has gained $7 billion while Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos equally made $6.5 billion; leaving him at a tie with Warren Buffet the investment guru of all time.