Bill Gates

2016 for a good number of people across the globe was not a good year, nevertheless, Bill Gates still has optimistic views about Africa.

According to Bill, Africa is his go-to place when he needs to get a “fresh perspective on how the world is improving.”

“I saw this in-person last year during my trips to South Africa and Ethiopia.”

“Although 2016 was a tough year for many African economies, almost every trend on the continent has been moving in the right direction over the last decade.”

“Per capita income, foreign investment, agricultural productivity, mobile banking, entrepreneurship, immunization rates, and school enrollment are all heading upwards.”

“Poverty, armed conflicts, HIV, malaria, and child mortality are all on the decline—steeply so in many places.”

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In his very first blog post for 2017, Bill Gates gives his top 5 reasons why he is optimistic about Africa.

1. African Photography (Captivating Images):



“It shows what the vast, culturally diverse continent of Africa is like beyond the lazy stereotypes”.

Bill Gates.

Bill wrote that he loves the fact that a single African image tells a “compelling” story. Bill Gates thinks African photography is incredible. It takes the “everyday” casual pictures and graphically turns them into fascinating moments.

2. Africans Obey Their Grandmothers:


In Africa, grandmothers are key role models and authority figures not just for the girl child but for the growing generation. They are essential in maternal and child-rearing issues.

“Everyone obeys the grandmothers. Through them we can change many things.”

– Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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3. Increasing Demand For Solar/Renewable Energy:


With the global campaign for eco-friendly solutions, Africa is significantly making room for more renewable energy in powering the continent.

In partnership with US, UK and private companies, solar kits have been made available for African homes and businesses.

4. Cassava Hybridization:


Gates is certain that the advanced Cassava Hybrids will improve the lives of half a billion people. This is because scientists are breeding strains that have more nutrients than the strains under cultivation today. They are also developing hybrids that are resistant to cassava mosaic virus.

“I’m super excited that scientists are using the most advanced hybridization techniques for the benefit of cassava farmers and those who depend on the crop.”

5. Entertainment:


Without a doubt, African entertainment has generally become more internationally recognized than it used to be. Gates is optimistic that Africa will thrive in the industry amongst other growing sectors.

“When I was in South Africa last year for the International AIDS Conference, I caught a fascinating TV show one night. The show is called Rhythm City.”

“…The show… really brings home how far South Africa has come since the end of apartheid.”