Major Networks Bill Hemmer Has Worked With, His Net Worth and Dating History

Bill Hemmer is a prominent journalist who has played a predominant role in the television news industry, earning multiple accolades. He is presently associated with Fox News, serving as a co-anchor of the Network’s morning show, America’s Newsroom. Hemmer has worked for various television channels doing some exceptional coverage of environment and political happenings such as his live report from Somerset, Pennsylvania where he covered the mining accident that confined nine workers for a period of 77 hours.

Outside America, the award-winning journalist has traveled widely to many international destinations to cover difficult and complicated events such as Skopje, Macedonia where he covered the refugee crisis as well as reporting live from Terre Haute, Indiana when Timothy McVeigh who took part in the Oklahoma City bombing was executed. Hemmer has gained special recognition as a result of his daring journalistic skills and live coverages of dangerous events and there has always been a healthy dose of interest about the man behind the daring correspondent.

Bill Hemmer Interned At Different Radio Stations

Bill Hemmer’s interest in the media was never an accident, the blossoming journalist started preparing for his work in broadcast journalism from high school. Bill became a high school DJ with the help of friends who assisted him in launching a radio show that played music for 15 minutes before they kicked off classes. This happened when he was in his second year at Elder. the emerging journalist obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Miami University-Oxford.

While he was a student at the university, Hemmer carried out a series of internships at different radio stations. His first internship was at WMUB radio station and there, he served as a radio disc Jockey just like what he used to do during his high school days before joining WOXY radio station.

Upon Graduation, He Worked For WPCO TV Channel

After his internships, he began working as a sports producer at WLWT television channel in the mid-1980s and it was there that the young journalist realized his passion for live TV. He later joined WPCO television channel where he carried out sports anchorage duties before taking a break that lasted for almost a year. He was just 26 years old at that time.

During that time, Bill Hemmer used his break to tour around many countries across the globe and also carried out two weeks of humanitarian work when he visited India. He was sending photos and tapes to some media outlets including The Cincinnati Post – a now-defunct local newspaper, and CBS’s local affiliate. These media outfits put his materials to good use by organizing them into a collection known as Bill’s Excellent Adventure that earned him two regional Emmy Awards one for Best Host and the other for Best Entertainment Program.

His Exploits With CNN

Upon his return from the break, Hemmer had a brief engagement working as a news reporter before he got recruited by CNN in 1995. During his time at the News Network, Bill Hemmer served as the host of a number of the Network’s programs including, CNN Morning News, CNN Tonight, and CNN Early Edition. Bill was also part of CNN Live Today which he co-anchored alongside Daryn Kagan. The famed correspondent still joined American Morning with Paula Zahn at the initial stage, and later with Soledad O’Brien.

During CNN’s coverage of the Timothy McVeigh execution in May 2001, Bill Hemmer played an instrumental role reporting from Terre Haute, Indiana, where Timothy was executed for the role he played in the Oklahoma City bombing.

He Also Covered Environmental And Political Happenings For CNN

Also, Bill’s work as a CNN reporter led him to cover a number of environmental and political happenings for which he provided live reports and they include covering the site of the World Trade Centre after September 11, 2001 attacks for a month as well as his excellent reportage from Kandahar, Afghanistan during the early stages of The War of Terror.

During the summer of 2002, the news correspondent reported live from Somerset, Pennsylvania where he joined other journalists on the gruesome mining accident that trapped nine site workers for 77 hours when a wall that separated their tunnel from an abandoned flooded mine collapsed, sending millions of gallons of water into their work area.

The following year, Bill Hemmer was in Kuwait reporting on escalating tensions in Iraq following which he remained on-site to take coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom as the war started. He spent over one month covering the crisis in Kosovo, reporting on the aerial bombing missions from Aviano Air Base in Italy, NATO developments from Brussels, the refugee crisis from Skopje Macedonia, and so on. After carrying out a terrific job at the Cable News Network for which he received an Emmy Award, Bill moved on to greater heights.

He Became Part Of Fox News In 2005

Bill Hemmer became a Fox News reporter in August 2005. There, he also offered live reportage from crime scenes including the shooting that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut where he served as the network’s anchor and lead reporter. He also covered the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing for Fox. The Fox News anchor among other roles serves as the co-host of America’s Newsroom alongside Sarah Smith.

He participated in Fox’s coverage of Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina. Bill traveled to the town of Metula in Northern Israel to report from the frontlines on the war that broke out between Israeli forces and Hezbollah in Lebanon during the summer of 2006. For the elections seasons of 2008, 2012, and 2016, Hemmer took coverage of the political party conventions from their respective cities; New Hampshire Primary and the Iowa Caucus inclusive.

The journalist was in Helsinki, Finland in July 2018 to take coverage of Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. The next year, he was on hand to report on the February nuclear summit between Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Trump from Hanoi, Vietnam. Bill Hemmer wrapped up the assignment at the DMZ in South Korea.

In 2020, he became the host of the television show Bill Hemmer Reports as well as the Chief Anchor for breaking news and other major live events.

The News Reporter Is Presently Worth Millions Of Dollars

Bill Hemmer started earning a good pay right from when he hosted an overnight jazz program on 97.6TK, one of the first alternative rock and roll stations in the United States. As a beginner, the pay was really good at $3.35 an hour, working from midnight to 6 a.m. However, his story changed after he graduated and started working with top-notch networks.

Having served as a reporter and anchor at one of the best News Networks in the world, CNN, for a period of ten years along with spending over ten years at Fox News, Bill Hemmer is obviously living a luxury lifestyle, thanks to his earnings as a top journalist. His Fox News salary is estimated to be about $400,000 per year and his financial value is pegged at $9 million.

Even while he was serving at the Cable News Network, the veteran reporter was smiling to the bank with annual pay of $99,000. Further, Bill earns an additionally from his television and radio guest appearances as a sports pundit. A recent estimation of his total annual remuneration pegged it as a handsome $3 million.

How Does Bill Hemmer Spend His Money?

With the kind of fortune he has amassed, one would expect the Ohio native to be living the lavish life and Bill Hemmer did not disappoint. Presently, the Fox News reporter is enjoying the fruits of his labor living in a suburban area of New York where he owns a spacious house in Suffolk.

Hemmer does not just spend his wealth on himself alone, the famed reporter has a large heart which has led him to make huge contributions to charitable courses. He is an honorary chairperson of the Ohio River Valley Chapter for Arthritis Walk. In the same vein, Bill is also a supporter of the Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans of America.

Interesting Revelations About His Love Life and Sexuality

Bill Hemmer
Bill Hemmer and Dara Tomanovich: image source

Although the award-winning journalist has kept his personal information away from the media, he was reported to have been in a romantic relationship with Dara Tomanovich. Dara is a Canadian actress and model who came to the limelight after she was hired by German designer Karl Lagerfeld to become the face of a French luxury house.

The pair began dating in 2005 when they were first spotted cozying up during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And during the ensuing eight years, Bill and Dara made several appearances as a couple at many events. They were last seen together at the 2013 Gala event at the City Centre in Berlina and according to reports, their breakup happened shortly after the event.

Bill Has Kept His Love Life Under Wraps Since Dara

Since he called it quits with the Canadian Model, Bill Hemmer has managed to keep details regarding his personal life away from the public arena, consequently, no one can tell whether he has another woman in his life or is presently living the single life.

One thing with celebs who choose to keep their romantic relationships under wraps is that they will attract gay rumors before long and that was exactly what happened to Bill. The journalist’s secrecy about his activities on the love scene has led to unconfirmed rumors regarding his potential gay status. However, there are no concrete pieces of evidence to prove that he has been in a same-sex relationship.

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