Birther Movement: Malik Obama Tweets A Birth Certificate That Could Get Barack In Trouble

Just when America thought the birther movement and controversies have been put to rest, Barack Obama’s half brother, Malik stylishly heats up the argument with an uploaded birth certificate which supposedly belongs to the past US president.

Malik uploaded a birth certificate with birth details of baby Barack and posted the question “What’s this?” on his Twitter handle.


The piece of document uploaded by Malik confirms that the birth details is for Barack Hussein Obama II, who was born on the 4th day of August, 1961. The certificate was issued from the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya.

The Obama brothers have not been the buddies they used to be in a long  while. The Bromance gradually went sour during Obama’s days as the president of the United States.

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For a number of personal and political reasons, Malik Obama has publicly suggested that they were not in good terms.

During the US November elections, Malik, who is equally a US citizen, voted and praised Trump as the man who would finally right the wrongs of his brother and “make America great again”.

Malik attended Trump’s final presidential debate in Las Vegas. He was invited by Trump and he honored the invitation while showing his solidarity as a Trump fan.

It is not clear what has prompted the uploaded birth certificate but it sure is a statement that may interest the American government.

It is unconstitutional in the United States for a person who was born abroad to become President.

Donald Trump is believed to be the first to propagate the birther movement where he challenged the birthplace of the Barack Obama. He strongly implied that Obama was not a bonafide US citizen and dared him to produce his birth certificate.


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Last year, Obama’s birth certificate was released. The document revealed that the former President was born in Hawaii.

With the latest development it appears the past President possibly has 2 birth certificates – one as a Kenyan and the other as a US citizen.

This will be the umpteenth time Barack Obama’s birth place is being publicly challenged. In 2008, when Barack was running for a second term, the birther theories came up, thus, a copy of his birth certificate was obtained from Hawaii and attached to the Campaign website.

Part of the information on the website stated that it is without equivocation that the then president was born in Hawaii, US.

The certificate uploaded by Malik has been making rounds on social media. No response or reaction has come from Barack Obama yet.

This will not be the first time Malik is sharing a personal information of his brother with the public. On an occasion, he sold a personal letter given to him by Barack in his younger days. In it, he shared his intention to venture into politics and giving black people in the United States a voice.