A while back, Bishop Oyedepo was slammed and criticized for being in possession of about 4 private jets and making the list as one of the world’s richest pastors. It appears our dear Bishop sure does have a thicker skin than we give him credit for, as he proves with the unveiling of the proposed Faith Theatre, that he has no intention of slowing down in his plans. After the 2015 Shiloh service, Bishop Oyedepo unveiled the proposed exquisite stadium-like church-Faith Theater- plan to contain a 100,000 seater auditorium, shopping mall, an eatery, amongst many other exotic facilities. The proposed Faith Theatre is intended to be the -world wide headquarters of the Living Faith Church. As usual, this daunting plan has raised a lot of eye-brows; some in positive awe while some others see more controversies about the leader of the Living Faith Church. So what is your take on this? Will the execution of this plan further glorify materialism or truly boost evangelism? What exactly will this do for genuine Christianity?

Faith Theatre1

Faith theatre2

Faith theatre3

Faith Theatre4