Agyapong Must Apologize For Accusing Osei Of Having Sex For Job

The Catholic Bishops Conference in Ghana want MP Kennedy Agyapong to apologize for his rude remark concerning Mrs Charlotte Osei.

Agyapong accused Mrs Osei of using sex to get her job. The misogynistic remark was not received lightly by Ghanaians. Many have urged him to apologize, but the politician, who has made countless misogynistic comments prior to this, has taken no heed.

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President John Mahama also criticized Agyapong’s statement which he called ‘careless and unfortunate’.

The statement said:

“We, like others who have spoken before us, also consider the verbal attacks on Mrs. Osei by Mr. Agyapong as distasteful, offensive and abusive and should be condemned by all.”

The statement was signed by Most Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu, Bishop of Konongo-Mampong and President of the conference. It urged the Parliament and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), of which Agyapong belongs to, to “bring him to order.”

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The catholic bishops also believe that Mr Agyapong failed in his duty as a role model for the youth, with his crass remark.

“People in high offices such as Parliamentarians are expected to be decorous and measured in their public utterances to give good example to the youth and so when such persons betray the confidence and responsibility reposed in them by Ghanaians in this manner, it becomes very sad and worrying.”

The statement rounded up with the Bishops calling for peace, especially with the Ghanaian elections being just around the corner.

“As we inch closer to elections later this year, we wish to call on all Ghanaians, especially, politicians and their supporters, as we have done several times in past statements, to preach peace in word and deed and refrain from unwarranted verbal, physical and psychological attacks on perceived opponents.”