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If there is one word (actually two words) that BJ Novak is synonymous with, it is definitely The Office. This is to be expected given that he not only starred in the highly-acclaimed series but also wrote and directed some episodes. Since The Office wrapped in 2013, Novak has been a busy bee. He has not only authored several books but has also featured in several movies. So, what is BJ Novak’s net worth? How much is The Office star worth now? All these and more questions are answered below.

Who Is BJ Novak?

Benjamin Joseph Manaly Novak was born on the 31st of July 1979 in Newton, Massachusetts. He hails from a family of five. His father’s name is William while his mother’s name is Linda. The actor/comic also has two brothers namely Jesse and Lev. Novak grew up in Newton and completed his diploma at Newton South High School in 1997. He thereafter attended Harvard, where he studied English and Spanish literature and received his degree in 2001.

BJ Novak scored his very first job, as a writer on the sitcom – Raising Dad, in 2001. When the show folded up, he appeared on many late-night shows and also performed stand up. This was until 2003 when he became one of Ashton Kutcher’s co-conspirators on the popular MTV show, Punk’d,

Success on The Office

BJ Novak has accumulated a handsome net worth from his Hollywood career. The Newton native got his career breakthrough in 2005 when he was cast on the NBC series, The Office. The sitcom revolved around the everyday lives of employees of a Pennsylvanian paper mill, and featured stars such as Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, and John Krasinski. In the series, Novak portrayed Ryan Howard, a temp who gets several promotions until he is fired for corporate fraud. The Office ran from 2005 to 2013 and Novak appeared in about 66 episodes of the show. Even though the exact details of what he earned per episode is not public knowledge, there is no doubt that he must have been handsomely rewarded given the popularity of the show.

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BJ Novak Net Worth

BJ Novak’s Net worth is currently estimated at $8 million. Since The Office wrapped up, the comic has scored supporting roles in several movies including Saving Mr. Banks, Knocked Up, The Smurfs, Reign over Me, The Internship, Unaccompanied Minors, The Founder, and Inglorious Basterds. Inglorious Basterds is a 2009 film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie follows a group of Jewish-American soldiers (known as the basterds) and a French-Jewish lady (Shosanna) as they plot revenge on the Nazis. Inglorious Basterds featured the likes of Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger while Novak played the role of Smithson, one of the basterds. The movie was an overwhelming success and racked several awards.

BJ Novak
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Books and Apps

Another avenue through which BJ Novak’s net worth has grown is books and tech. The Office star has so far authored three bestselling books including One More Thing: Stories and other Stories, Alphabet Book with no Pictures and The Book with no Pictures. The Book with no Pictures is a children’s book which consists entirely of ridiculous sentences that the person reading it must say aloud. The book has sold more than a million copies and has been translated into 26 languages.

The multi-talented Novak is also the co-founder of an app known as simply offers people the chance to make lists that they want to share with others. It could be recommendations on the best restaurants in a particular city or pieces of advice for a first date. is a collaborative venture between Novak and Stanford grad, as well as tech developer, Dev Flaherty. The app was launched on the IOS store in October 2015 and by 2016, had been extended to the android store. initially attracted massive patronage including celebrity users such as Lena Durham and Snoop Dogg. The app was however discontinued in 2017.

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BJ Novak is one celebrity who does not live a lavish lifestyle but rather uses his time and resources to support causes close to their hearts. The Office star supports several charities including First Book, 826LA and Givewell. 826LA is a non-profit that is dedicated to supporting and inspiring students who exhibit creative and expository skills. First Book is an international non-profit which provides new books, educational resources as well as essentials, such as snacks, coats and hygiene kits, to needy students. Novak has donated thousands of copies of his works to First Book.

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