Fun Facts About Bjork’s Early Start as a Singer, Her Unique Style and Failed Marriages

Finding fun in music is one of the things Bjork has accomplished in her days as a multitalented singer and songwriter. With regards to that fact, we could list her as one of the artists who have the most creative and unique sets of clothes in their wardrobe, similar to Lady Gaga.

Bjork is a legendary singer who has been in the music industry for over four decades and has made a name for herself, beating a lot of her kind in the game. She has created music in a different way that includes mixing diverse types of sounds to get perfect harmony, a move that ordinarily would have failed. However, Bjork’s music made her one of the best-selling artists of all time, fulfilling a dream that started when she was six years old.

Bjork Found National Fame Through A School Recital

The iconic music legend was born on November 21, 1965, in the capital and largest city of Iceland, Reykjavik. She was born to an activist mother, Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir, and a union leader and electrician father, Guðmundur Gunnarsson. Her mother, Hildur, is known for her involvement in the creation of the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant in Iceland.

The union between her parents was for a short while. They divorced shortly after she was born. After her parents’ separation, her mom relocated with her to a place called Commune and later remarried a guitarist named Sævar Árnason.

Bjork’s music journey began when she was six, at this time, she already learned how to play the classical piano and flute. But it wasn’t her expertise of the musical instruments that brought her fame. Instead, it was her vocals, which impressed her teachers after she sang Tina Charles’ 1976 hit song, I Love to Love, during a school recital.

So impressed were her teachers by her cover of the song that they sent a recording of the song to then Iceland’s only radio station, RUV radio station. After broadcasting the song nationally, a record label representative for Falkinn offered Bjork a contract. Thus, Bjork’s professional music career began at the age of 10.

Her First Album Sold 7,000 Copies

Soon, Bjork’s career took form and she recorded her self-titled album, Bjork, at the age of 11. The album featured ten tracks, most of which were covers of hit tracks, like The Beatles’ The Fool on the Hill. The album was a limited-edition project, and it sold 7,000 copies in Iceland.

The proceeds from the album’s popularity were more than enough to get Bjork to the next stage of her career. Using the money earned from the album, she bought a piano and began composing new music.

Throughout her teenage days, she joined several bands, including an all-female group Spit and Snot; Jam-80 formed in 1981, a jazz group formed in 1979 named Exodus, and a gothic rock band KUKL.

KUKL became the Sugarcubes, and with Bjork as lead vocalist, the band released three albums between 1988 and 1992. Their first album, Life’s Too Good, performed well, reached #14 on the UK Albums Chart and sold over one million copies worldwide.

After the band parted ways, Bjork embarked on a solo career. She relocated to London and released her first solo song, Human Behavior, in June 1993. Her album, Debut, followed and sold more than one million copies in the U.S alone. The album was also named Album of the Year by NME.

Since she released Debut, she has dropped an additional eight albums. She also has 39 singles to her name, along with two soundtrack albums and one compilation album.

Bjork has sold over 40 million records, putting her among the bestselling musicians of all time. She has also received several awards, including 15 Grammy Award nominations and the Order of the Falcon. Rolling Stone has also named her among the greatest 100 singers and songwriters at #60 and #81, respectively.

Bjork’s Eclectic Music Style Defies Genre Categorization

Most musicians have a defined genre. However, with Bjork, music critics and observers struggle to put her in any. In more than four decades as an artist, her body of work spans across multiple genres, from alternative dance to contemporary classical music, jazz and alternative rock.

Although the popularity of her music puts her firmly in the pop music category, Bjork is also an experimental artist. She has made a career out of bridging music experimentation and pop music, arguably the only mainstream artist to do so. Bjork is, in particular, credited for introducing electronic music to a mainstream audience.

Her discography comprises of songs and albums with different creative styles. Her 2004 album, Medulla, comprised entirely of human vocals while her 1997 album, Homogenic, was a fusion of chilly strings and traditional singing method of Icelandic choir men.

Yet, though her works continually offer a sense of newness, she has been able to maintain an emotional connection and relativity with her fans and listeners with exquisite songwriting. Bjork credits influences like Chaka Khan, Mark Bell, Brian Eno for her eclectic music style.

Her Music Has Brought Her A Lot Of Money

Over four decades as a musician, more than eight albums and 40 million records sold have earned Bjork $45 million in net worth. She has also made money via concerts and shows, having gone on eleven national and international tours.

Outside of music, Bjork is also a writer. She has written and published eight books. Her most recent book, 34 Scores for Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, and Celeste, a songbook published in 2017, sold thousands of copies.

Interestingly, like her music style, Bjork has a diverse career too. She has starred in three feature films and eight TV programs. Undoubtedly, these appearances have also contributed to the singer’s overall wealth.

Bjork Has Been Married And Divorced Twice

Bjork’s first marriage was with Thor Eldon. The two wedded in a small ceremony on June 8, 1986, after she met him during her days with the Sugarcubes band. Their marriage later went sour, which led to a divorce in 1987.

However, they had a son named Sindri Eldon Þórsson while they were married. Sindri is a journalist and founded the solo project, Sindri Eldon. He was also the camera operator for the documentary Screaming Masterpiece.

While promoting the movie Dancer in the Dark, she fell in love with Matthew Barney. They later got married and their union was blessed with a female child named Isadora Bjarkardottir Barney, born on October 3, 2002. Everything seemed perfect and all was going well until sometime in September 2013 when they got divorced.

Bjork with Matthew and their daughter: image source

Exactly two years after their separation, Mathew Barney sued Bjork for the custody of their daughter, Isadora, claiming that his ex-wife prefers her success to her daughter’s emotional wellbeing.

She has Been in a Few Fated Relationships

Historically, Bjork was quite a freelancer when it came to relationships. She has been involved romantically with a lot of music personalities, including Goldie and Tricky. Her relationship with Tricky lasted between 1995 and 1996, ending over its media publicity and the couple’s emotional baggage, according to a piece by Marie Claire on the singer.

After dating Tricky, in 1996, Bjork went into a relationship with Goldie, who, like Tricky, was a drum and bass musician. Despite their connection with each other, the relationship ended out of Goldie’s unwillingness to get married.

She has also been linked to Stephane Sednaoui and Eumir Deodato, but there are no details about their relationship.

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