The skinhead lifestyle was initiated by a group of youths in England in the 1960’s. It originated from a similar group known as the Mods and started when these youths opted to take on a more serious approach to daily life as well as leisure. These groups of youths who were all working class also opted to have shorter hair. There are many facts about black skinheads, we’ve decided to highlight some of them here.

Black Skinheads And Things You Should Know About It

1. Skinheads keep their heads shaven

The degree of shaving is not really specific, as there are those who go for buzz cuts and cropped hairstyles. On the other hand, female Skinheads, who are popularly known as the Birds or Skinetes, also keep their hair short too, but they leave a fringe on the forehead and the temples. However, the short hair trend is becoming outdated and is only common among the new members.

2. They have a unique style of dressing

For instance, they are known to wear heavy-knit sweaters, which can be traced back to their London origin, considering the fact that it was usually cold at that time. They are against flashy dressing, especially the one exhibited by the Mods. They prefer a more demure approach to style, where functionality and comfort comes first. They dress in Levis Jeans and Doc Martens boots. Some wear drab green military trousers. They also wear flight jackets and many have tattoos on. On their clothes, you will find logos of various organisations, such as the Swastika for the Nazis, the Confederate flag, as well as halo Crown W, a symbol of their creator.

3. It is a group for youth, and serves as a transitional league

The period of serving as a Skin is usually six months, after which one is free to move into other similar groups for adults, most commonly the Ku Klux Klan. Some also go on to the Identity Church, though many people are hesitant to join the Identity Church as a result of its restrictive religious orientation.

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Black Skinheads2

4. They have a football obsession

Skinheads are known to be really attached to football, and each one has a team that they loyally support, sometimes to a point of getting aggressive when their favourite team loses. There have been some cases of innocent bystanders being caught in between these attacks and getting really hurt.

5. They are the opposite of gangs

Though it might sound strange, it is actually one of the facts about Black Skinheads. They do not get involved in things such as drugs. In fact, they consider drugs to be for the “mud races.” However, one thing that makes them similar to gangs is their love for beer.

6. There are many categories of skinheads

Many people assume that the skinheads are purely racist, but there are some groups who are fine with relation to other races, most commonly the Sharps. One would expect that there are disagreements and scuffles among these subgroups, but it is quite the opposite. There are also some skinheads known as Trojan skinheads. These are homosexuals and go against the skinhead belief that homosexuals are perverts.

7. They advocate for racial purity

Skinheads are against the mixing of whites with other races. This fact is not really tangible as there are some skinheads who do not segregate races. One thing in common however is that they increase White pride and encourage people to be proud of their Caucasian race.

Black Skinheads

8. They are against minority priority

Skinheads are really vocal when it comes to the favouring of some minority groups. They support the idea of majority getting the benefits, and for minority groups to get equal, if not a lesser treatment like the rest.

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9. Some of its influences can be traced from the Caribbean

In the beginning, some leagues of skinheads used to listen to Jamaican music and indulge in Caribbean delicacies.

10. Skinheads are more indented towards physical labour

Rather than following intellectual pursuits like the rest of the world, they prefer to toil. The lack of educational interest has caused them to be labelled by others as “Cro-Magnons,” in reference to prehistoric man. However, many people take these stereotypes too far, in pure disregard for the hypocrisy that such sayings exhibit.

There are many other lesser-known facts about Black Skinheads, many of them have remained unknown or kept by the members to safeguard the sanctity of their organization.

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