Bleaching And Proud: Prominent Ghanaian Boxer Won’t Stop Till He Is ‘Red’

Deaf to criticisms, bleaching Ghanaian boxer, Braimah Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Bankum has publicly declared his hatred for the black skin. The boxer who spends about GHC 1,000 every week on bleaching says he won’t stop till he is red in color.

“I want to be red. I don’t need any black in my life…”

In an interview over the weekend, the boxer made it clear that he could not care less what Ghanaians or anyone for that matter says about his bleaching venture.

Going further on, the boxer says his wife advised him to bleach. In his words he says he “doesn’t need black again” in his life. It was gathered from the interview that his current wife also bleaches her skin.

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“My wife told me to bleach myself so we can look like German people.”

The boxing champ says that since his bleaching, his female fans now call him “Banku Fresh”. Coming across like an ardent self-loving personality,  Braimah Kamoko repeatedly says,

“I don’t like anybody… I only like myself” 

The boxer who put a one year pause on his career says he will resume once the elections are over. He is currently working on President John Mahama’s campaign. On that note Braimah Kamoko emphatically believes that bleaching his skin will not affect his boxing career in any way.

All over the world, skin bleaching has become rampant. From the psychological point of view, the motive for skin bleaching is not always far from inferiority complex cum self-hatred.

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The bleaching Ghanaian boxer and other black celebrities are making the bleaching trend part of popular culture. However it is worthy to mention that what bleaching does is to reduce the melanin content of the skin. This makes the skin vulnerable to cancer and other skin complications.