The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) awards’ grand ceremony will be held again in May 2017. BAKE rewards the most outstanding blogs of the past one year and has been a source of inspiration for the Kenyan blogging society. The inaugural ceremony was held in 2012. Listed below are the current top 10 blogs in Kenya as determined by BAKE. For ease of comparison and to encourage all-inclusiveness, the blogs are put into categories such as technology, fashion, politics, and the likes.

Top 10 Blogs in Kenya

1) Business Blog –

Created in 2013 by Abel Muhatia, Biznews is an online media agency that delivers news and information on business, technology, and startups in Kenya and beyond. With between 1-10 employees, the platform isn’t the largest but it has been able to deliver excellent and quality information that even spreads to technology and general information that would be of benefit to modern entrepreneurs. Other things Biznews covers are mobile reviews, agribusiness, and development news.

2) Best Governance Blog:

This blog was started by Patrick Gathara who is a Kenyan journalist, cartoonist and writer.  The man began the blog as an avenue for him to discuss the happenings in the country and also to give his opinion. This blog has sustained since from 2007 and it still does what it has always done.

3) Best Technology Blog –

The leader in tech information in Kenya right now, Techweez is a blog that began in early 2011 with the simple aim of delivering high-quality coverage on technology to feed the general populace. If you need more than just tech info and want to get different reviews of phones and other things, again, this may just be the right portal for that.

4) Best Travel Blog –

When it comes to travel blog, the Safari254 is at the forefront. It has a very wide coverage of various continents including Africa, Asia, Central America, and Kenya. It also has different categories including hotels and lodges as well as game parks and reserves. The platform, therefore, provides complete information for people looking for adventure in both Kenya and other places.

5) Best Entertainment Blog – Niaje

Depending on how you define entertainment, Niaje brings you up to date with everything that affects your life and which is likely to inspire you. It doesn’t just cover music and sports; there is always something on technology, careers business and so much more. Even politics occasionally finds some space on the crowded Niaje. And they don’t just cover Kenya or East Africa, they give you news about award ceremonies in Nigeria, latest music from the US and so much more. The most interesting thing about this blog is that this is not the first time that it is winning the award.

More Blogs in Kenya

6) Best Agric/ Environment Blog –

Graduatefarmer is an ICT platform that was designed to empower youths towards creating agribusiness. The platform connects and brings training to young aspiring farmers as well as solution and mentorship. One of the significant things about the platform is that it attempts to reduce unemployment among women and youths. Through the blog, you will get to be a part of many in agricultural activities such as linkages and forum learning.

7) Best Food Blog –

This blog emerged as the best food blog during the Kenyan Blog Awards 2016 and in 2017 it ended with the Bake Awards. The Blog is owned by Kaluhi Adagala and it is known for its creativity and versatility. Kaluhi with this blog has been able to build something that will allow her to share her story as well as what she knows how to do best, cooking.

8) Best Photography Blog – MutuaMatheka

The owner of the blog, Mutua Matheka believes he is a city changer. He discusses photography to great depths and shares a lot of tips and experiences with his followers. Of course, the followers can also interact and share ideas. This blog also is not winning this award for the first time.

9) Best Corporate Blog – iHub

iHub (image Source)

iHub may as well be the largest among others on this list as it is highly regarded by sites including Forbes magazine. Having started close to 8 years ago, iHub served to provide a base for the country’s tech community and entrepreneurs to have the needed connection and work on their ideas. The site also provides an avenue for jobs to be posted by companies.

10) Best fashion blog –

For news on fashion and trending styles, this was created by Nyawira Mumenya. The blog is very simple and friendly and it covers every aspect of fashion from interior décor to street fashion. Here, people share ideas on how to dress for occasions and exchange tips on online shopping.


You can never list them all, but these 10 are classified as some of the most resourceful blogs in Kenya at the moment.

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