5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bloo From 42, Neonblue and MKit Rain

Bloo is a Korean rapper (KPOP) who gained prominence after he became a member of the American-Korean hip-hop crew 42. He was born in South Korea on October 12, 1994 as Kim Hyunwoong.

He also became part of a duo called Neonblue with fellow South Korean rapper niahn. Bloo is signed under MKIT RAIN RECORDS and made his debut in 2016 with the single, TONY. The rapper dropped his second mini-album, BLOO IN WONDERLAND (featuring niahn and labelmate nafla) on November 19, 2018, with an official music video for the BIG BANANA produced track I’m The One.

The talented singer also made a comeback on August 2, 2019, with the single BOY FROM THE MOON. A teaser and a poster were published on Instagram for this occasion. In the music video for the single, Bloo (with a melodic flat electric delivery), took on the character of a man in an intimate relationship with a beautiful woman. The song, as well as other tracks on the EP, include partial lyrics in English. The mini-album also includes the pre-released single Take It Away featuring nafla. Bloo has a beautiful voice and always gives a lot of character to the song he sings. A good example of this is when he featured in fellow South Korean rapper Sleepy’s single So What.

His birth name is Kim Hyunwoong and his English name is Daniel Kim. Bloo was born on 12 October 1994 in Seoul, South Korea, and later on, he moved with his family to Los Angeles, California. His mother is from Japan while his father is from the Philippines. He has several tattoos on his body; a crescent moon on his chest, a cross in a circle on his finger, “Peaky” from the BBC series Peaky Blinders and a G with a Gothic font on his right arm. Others are flowers and Archangel Michael on his left arm and lastly, “Cook”, a Skins character on his right hand.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bloo


1. Bloo is a member of the American-Korean hip hop crew “42”. The group is currently gaining attention, especially after being featured on Hip-hop KHILA TV, where it talked about Korean rappers making themselves a name in Los Angeles. The societal values and musical culture of the west brought a decisive change to his career as a rapper. The United States, which is known as the cradle of hip-hop, influenced Bloo tremendously. He has cited renowned American rappers such as Biggie, Tupac, and 50 Cent as his influence. He’s also a fan of Kanye West and A$AP.

2. Bloo fueled his passion for rap alongside the members of the Young Creation Crew. During this time, he went with the stage name Daniel Prynne. Young Creation Crew was, first and foremost, created by chance. It started as young people from the same neighborhood sharing the same initial passion for rap. Thanks to MD Fam Collective, especially the Souleaf group, the crew became quite famous. The relocation of the leader, EK, would later jeopardize the crew’s chances of success.

3. The South Korean music star and four other members lived in the same neighborhood named La Crescenta and in 2014, they decided to create their own crew, 42. The group consists of Bloo, AP, West Young, Neil, the Forehead, and nafla. Their mixtape Life is 42, was released in 2014 and their first music video, FRESH AS F was a huge success.

4. Things took another turn thanks to the influence of Loopy, which Bloo and other rappers of 42 Crew met through nafla. Loopy, an American-Korean rapper, was at the time in a very significant time of his career. He had an ambitious idea to launch his own label. Despite initial concerns and doubts, Loopy was able to establish MKIT RAIN RECORDS in 2016 and become the leader of the Mkit Rain crew.

5. In the same year, on 18 June, Bloo released his first mixtape TONY, which received great and positive public reviews. Even though there were only six tracks on the mixtape, production was judged to be top-notch and really good. On one side, the mixtape includes normal hip-hop ego trips mixed with West Coast flavors like the tracks Bad Boy Intro and 7Gold Chain. However, the rest of the project is more tinged with nocturne sounds like the self-image of the rapper. The project was also melancholic because Bloo expressed his dreams, questions, and concerns about parents and relatives. He also took the time out to speak about relationships that failed with a sudden and surprising mix of sensitivity and detachment.

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