Blue Wind: Nigerian Teen’s Invention Highlights A Way Out Of Recession

A Nigerian 13-year old boy, Ukoma Michael without any formal education or training has invented the Blue Wind- a battery-operated table fan.

Ukoma Michael hails from Ideato north, L.G.A in Imo State.

Electricity has always been a major setback in many Nigerian businesses. Taking that into consideration, the young and skilled inventor gave a thought to another alternative.

Ukoma went for a battery alternative which lasts for about 19 hours. In other words, the battery-operated fan when properly charged lasts longer than the daily supply of electricity in most Nigerian cities.

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It will not be said enough that the only match for the current Nigerian recession is entrepreneurship. That being said, it is also a reality that talented tech-creators need resources to help in their quest.

With the absence of these materials, their ideas may not endure for as long as it could take to become a reality.

As economic hardship gives root to entrepreneurship, it can also stifle entrepreneurial attempts.

With the current state of the Nigerian economy, affording the daily 3 square meals has become a privilege. While some have paused their start up quests, some others are pushing harder than they had ever imagined they would.


In the case of this 13-year old, there is still some hope no matter how dimly lit the conditions are. With wire meshes and aluminium materials, he was able to construct the cost effective table fan.

The table fans come in a couple of shapes- round and rectangular shapes.

Report says that the young fellow who resides with his parents in the neighboring Abia state has packaged some of his inventions and is hopeful for possible sales.


Interestingly Ukoma and family reside in one of the most known commercial hub of the South-east region. Aba is a vibrant manufacturing city in Abia state.

The city is lucrative with the production of a large range of products, from clothing to accessories to electronics, you name it. As a way forward, the State government once declared their intention in boosting the budding industry.

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I guess the entirety of this picture points to finding a way even where there is no way. From all indications the present day youths is one of the most neglected group after the elderly.

They are forgotten in the midst of conflicts, wars and political games. Thus, a writer once summed it up that Nigeria is a country where the nation has nothing to offer the younger generation.

The salvation of Nigeria from recession will not exclude the technological and manufacturing sectors. Who else better to take up the challenge if not the Nigerian youth.

The likes of Ukoma and other self-trained inventors who seek fund to move their creations further are proof that with a little boost perhaps from government and philanthropists, the economy will be better.

Ukoma Michael says his vision is to have a company of his own that will specialize in producing fan and aircrafts. We hope that his dream will come true.