Bobby (iKon) Bio – Age, Height And Other Interesting Facts

Bobby debuted under the auspices of YG Entertainment as part of iKon – a popular South Korea’s idol boy group; the emerging artist’s position with the group was as a vocalist, main rapper, as well as the face of the group. He gained popularity as a Korean-American singer cum rapper with a distinguishing full-of-swag rap style that sets him apart from others of his ilk. Bobby’s pre-fame days saw the young artist gaining some milestone achievements and a remarkable level of popularity, even prior to his official debut.

He later joined forces with Mino to form a sub-unit under the moniker MOBB. Bobby’s debut as a solo artist finally dawned on the 7th of September 2016, when he released the single HOLUP in collaboration with Mino under the album Mobb. The duo went on to launch a couple of singles – Hit Me and Full House which came to light on the 9th of September. Barely a year later on the 14th of September 2017, the young entertainer’s initial complete solo studio album was released with the title Love and Fall. If you don’t know much about this Korean born rapper, join us as we X-ray some facts about him.

Who is Bobby From iKon and How Old is He?

He is South Korean by nationality and was born as Kim Jiwon on the 21st of December 1995. Though his place of birth is captured as Seoul, South Korea, the talented rapper spent a better part of his formative years in Virginia, the United States of America, where he relocated to with his family. In fact, the iKon star was in the US until he got to the high school level, precisely at the age of 16 before he found his way back to South Korea.

Though his parents’ names have never been mentioned, his family appears to be a close-knit one as he is referred to as an absolute mama’s boy. And from what is perceivable, the rapper came from a Christian home. Besides, he grew up alongside an older brother whom he is obviously close to. According to the rapper, his big bro gifted him with a stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy at birth and he still keeps the toy to date.

We don’t have much detail on his academic background but Bobby, the iKon star was almost finishing high school before he returned to South Korea. The talented performer has proficiency in spoken English, though he loves to speak Konglish (Korean-English) when in the company of a family member. He equally mastered other languages like Japanese and his native Korean. Bobby is adept at playing the drum, guitar, and piano, he is also a fan of basketball which he loves to indulge in at leisure.

His music career was birthed when the rising star attended an audition for YG Entertainment, following which he went under the label as a trainee recruit. Bobby accomplished his official debut on the 10th of January 2011.

What’s His Height?

Bobby weighs 65kg in body mass and stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. Nothing is known about his general body statistics, but both his eye and hair are black in color. Besides, the famed rapper sports a cool tattoo with the inscription Fear only god, hate only sins.

Bobby (iKon)
Bobby (iKon) and his big bro image source

Other Interesting Facts about the iKon Member

Before Fame

The vocalist’s pre-debut achievements and activities gave him some form of exposure even before his official debut with iKon. 2013 saw Bobby appearing on WIN: Who Is Next – a YG Entertainment reality survival show alongside other iKon members like Ju-ne, B.I, Donghyuk, Jinhwan, and Yunhyeong. They were in team B and up against team A for the chance to make their debut as a group.

Though Bobby’s group lost to Group A, they were already in the limelight. The Win program saw them launching a couple of singles Climax and Just Another Boy. Ringa Linga music video by Taeyang feature group B members as backup dancers, while Bobby made contributions to the lyrics for Empty – Winner’s debut single.

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Show Me The Money

Mnet’s esteemed rap competition Show Me The Money had Bobby for an audition in May 2014 with iKon star eventually emerging the winner as a member of the team Illionaire. His prize was $100,000 in addition to a special concert. The emerging celeb was eventually dubbed the youngest rapper to ever win the show and the first idol-group-rapper.

Bobby’s Net Worth

In addition to winning the sum of $100k in Show Me The Money, Bobby also emerged winner at SMTM 3 (Yg-Life article). Hence, utilizing the money in the purchase of his parent’s home in Korea. Though the veritable entertainer has been earning handsomely since his official debut, his net worth is currently not available.


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