Boko Haram: Three People Declared Wanted By Nigerian Army

Three Boko Haram accomplices have been declared wanted by the Nigerian army for being tight-lipped about information regarding the abducted Chibok girls who were kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect from their schools in April 2014.

The Boko Haram accomplices who are accused of having been in contact with the jihadist sect are Ahmed Bolori, Aisha Wakil, and Ahmad Salkida who happens to be a journalist.

“There is no doubt that these individuals have links with Boko Haram terrorists and have contacts with them,

“They must, therefore, come forward and tell us where the group is keeping the Chibok girls and other abducted persons to enable us [to] rescue them,” Colonel Sani Usman said to AFP

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Colonel Usman is hoping that these offenders turn themselves in, nonetheless, he’s prepared to take action if they fail to do so.

Salkida, Aisha Wakil, and Bolori according to Premium Times.
Salkida, Aisha Wakil, and Bolori according to Premium Times.

Journalist Ahmad Salkida is said to be in contact with Boko Haram’s top leaders.

Recently the terrorist group published a video showing some of the abducted Chibok girls while showing others who they claimed had died as a result of military air strikes.

The video which was published on Sunday saw the leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau demanding the release of Boko Haram members who have been captured, in exchange for the kidnapped school girls.

The Nigerian government said the video is subject to study before any decision is made. Colonel Usman believes the three wanted Boko Haram accomplices can provide information that is needed.

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Boko Haram has been a thorn in the side of Nigeria during all seven years of their insurgency in the North East. In 2015 the Nigerian military had rescued some hundred people kidnapped by the terrorists, but the Chibok girls were not among them.