A group of Boko Haram terrorists rode on bicycles from Sambisa forest and killed at least 10 people in an attack on Mairi Mmumbe village, near Dalori District of Konduga Local Government Area of Borno State Nigeria on Saturday.

A week ago, Boko Haram attacked the Dalori community, where it razed the village and burned several locals alive, even babies. The attacked caused President Buhari’s statement on Boko Haram being “technically defeated” to be questioned.

The president in fact supported his statement in an interview with BBC following the attack.

“Well, all I know is that out of the 14 Local Government Areas in Borno State where they (Boko Haram) used to hold and hoist their flag, they are nowhere in charge of any of them again. But they can still regroup and go after attacking soft targets,”

When asked if it was fair to compare the militant’s recent attack with his statement, he said,

“Well, that’s your own description of it. My own description is that they can no longer mobilize enough forces to attack police and army barracks and destroy aircraft like they used to do. They can no longer do that.”

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A witness told the Premium Times, “the attackers came on bicycles and started shooting sporadically.”

“The community was taken unaware as many people were relaxing after the late night Muslim prayers,” said Baana Bukar, a resident of Mairi.

Babakaka Garbai, the Senator representing Borno Central also said, “Yes, they killed four persons here and burnt all the houses.”

A witness told ChannelsTV 

“After the Magrib prayers yesterday we all sat outside with friends when we heard gunshots. We escaped in different directions and only returned when we felt they have left. We met all our homes burnt and our possessions looted.”

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More locals are being displaced as Boko Haram continues to take hold of these vulnerable areas. As Boko Haram continues to attack, sadly the death toll increasingly becomes ‘figures’ rather than what it actually is– the grisly death of actual human beings.