Boko Haram Burns Children Alive In Nigeria

On Saturday evening, the heinous militants that have plagued Nigeria for years set fire to a village in North Eastern Nigeria, thereby killing over 80 people including children.

An eye witness who hid behind a tree told the Associated Press that he watched as the Boko Haram millitants razed the village and even heard the screams of children burning to death.

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The attack continued as three female suicide bombers blew themselves up in Dalori in a 4-hour reign of terror as some residents of the village fled either to the bush or to the neighboring village of Gamori.

Although the Nigerian troops arrived the scene much later, they were unable to curb the attack. Witnesses claimed that the attackers were only able to retreat after reinforcements arrived with heavier weapons.

Just a day before the gruesome attack, the extremists raided another village in Adamawa state in North Eastern Nigeria where they killed about 7 people and burned down several houses.

The president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari stated in January that the extremists have “technically” been defeated, but the attacks made by the Jihadists this past weekend alone seems to counter that statement.

Boko Haram has killed about 20,000 people in just 6 years of its operation and has ejected over 2 million people from their homes. They have also stepped up their cross-border attacks, infiltrating neighborhood countries like Chad, Cameroon, Niger all in a bid to self-determination.

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