Bolanle Ninalowo’s Enduring Love Story With Wife Bunmi and The Family House They Call Home

Getting back together after a breakup is pretty common and it can be for a number of reasons. Both parties may realize they have made mistakes and want to make it work. While this can actually increase appreciation among couples and lead to stronger commitment, for others, it may spell further doom. The love life of Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo and his wife Bunmi fall under the former category. The Nigerian actor and film producer whose personal life recently caught the attention of the public, took a bold step to narrate the story of his disappointing past and very enduring relationship with his wife.

It is public knowledge that the prominent actor separated from his partner over 10 years ago only to reunite with her recently. The handsome actor, who now constantly shares pictures of his wife and children on his social media pages, believes that his obsession with his wife is the price for his enduring marriage. A tour of Bolanle’s marital crisis that turned into bliss will throw more light on this.

How the Love Story of Bolanle Ninalowo and Bunmi Began

Nino and his wife have come a long way together and like he would say, their love story is never like that of a rich man who met a beautiful girl and married her. He met Bunmi when he was at the lowest ebb of his life but with her love and support, he was able to pull through life’s difficulties.

Born on May 7th, 1980 to an Islamic Yoruba family, Nino (as his fans would call him) grew up desiring to make a huge break in the entertainment industry but after graduating from DeVry University in the United States, he worked as an accountant in a bank. Upon relocating to Nigeria, he worked with Guaranty Trust Bank before making an attempt to start a career in the Nigerian movie industry with the movie titled Rebirth as his debut.

Meeting Bunmi was love at first sight for Nino and shortly after, they became inseparable with their conversations quickly leading to them planning a future together. So strong was their love that they moved in together just two weeks after they first met. However, the actor hasn’t shared details of how he met his better half.

With his dashing good looks and vibrant youthful lifestyle, Bolanle knew he had found his life partner, a true definition of love and a woman like his own mother. Love to Nino looks like Bunmi; a woman who is very traditional and would do anything to please her man. Like he expected, Bunmi stood by him, supported him, loved him and became his greatest comfort.

Distance Drilled a Hole in Their Relationship

Situations began to change and what appeared to be a perfect marriage apparently began to turn sour when Nino sent his wife abroad alongside their kids while he stayed back to pursue his career. Driven by a strong passion to achieve success in the film industry, he began to drift away from his family.

Apparently, the popular saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” never did work for Bolanle and his sweetheart. Their relationship grew weaker and he even started to hate the woman who was the source of his joy. Bunmi had to fend for herself and become a self-imposed single mother. That was the darkest moments of their lives. Bolanle, in Bunmi’s words, became selfish and impatient in the course of his journey to fame.

Their Comeback Story –  How it All Happened

Sometimes things aren’t made fully clear when a couple decides to end things. Hence, the feeling of unresolved business can leave them wondering if they made the right choice or not. Bolanle and his wife were separated for two years and this period of their separation turned out to be one of their most trying times. It also turned around to teach them a few lessons.

Nino knew he messed up so much in the past, but his determination to re-write his own story helped him rebuild his relationship with his wife and children. He admitted he was selfish in his pursuit of success and didn’t listen to his wife’s cries. Friends and family members also intervened in his love life by advising him to fix the issues he was having with his wife.

The two eventually reunited in 2018 and what we see now is his rekindled obsession for his lovely introvert wife, Bunmi. He remains appreciative of his wife for being supportive of him all through their hard times. Nino also credited the possibility of their reunion to God and his eventual maturity. His desires to touch lives with his love and success story spurred him into writing his autobiography titled ‘Shame to Fame’. 

Meet Ninalowo’s Children

Nino and his wife Bunmi are blessed with two adorable children: a son Morakinyo and a beautiful daughter Aliyah. While nothing much is known about the children, it is clear the couple had them during their early years in marriage. The children are all grown up now with Aliya celebrating her 14th birthday in December 2020.

Nino left no stones unturned in letting the world know how much he adores his adolescent daughter. He shared beautiful pictures of himself and his little girl on his Instagram page with a comment that says his destiny found him. In another post, the actor vowed to “end” anyone who tries to defile his daughter.

Bolanle’s Son, Morakinyo (Keyo)

Earlier in July 2020, Bolanle Ninalowo celebrated his son Morakinyo (Keyo) Ninalowo who turned 12. The actor prayed for his son to continue growing in God’s grace, and also to become a greater person than he is.

Bolanle and His Family Have a Home in Lekki

With his main source of income being from the entertainment industry, it would be expected that Bolanle and his family are living large. In March 2020, the actor made a post on one of his social media handles, showing fans his house which according to him, is located in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Speaking further on how the house came about, the film actor revealed that a property company promised him a house after a year of being their brand ambassador and after nine months, they fulfilled their promise. Upon getting the apartment, he decided to gift it to his wife, tagging it a token of his appreciation for her long years of support.

Nino’s luxury apartment is not his first. Actually, he dedicated his first home in 2015. He also showed off the house on his Instagram page giving, thanks to the Almighty for the success.

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