Boss Drives Chauffeur On His Retirement Day To Show Appreciation

Putting the “thank you” expression in action, an Indian District Collector today drove his chauffeur, Digambar Thak, to work on his last day of work.

Indian bosses seems to be the best at the moment. Last week the world marveled at the Dwali gift from Indian billionaire and business man to his employees. The wealthy diamond and textile exporter, Savji Dholakia, rewarded his employees with 1,260 cars and 400 flats in appreciation of jobs well done.

Yet again India presents another version of a boss’ appreciation.

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Digambar Thak is a 58-year old chauffeur who has served 18 Collectors in Akola, Maharashtra District, India.

A District Collector is the foremost Indian Administrative Service officer in charge of revenue collection and administration of a district in India. Since District Collector also have executive magisterial powers, this post is also called District Magistrate.

For 35 years he diligently did his work. Marking the last day of work, his current and last boss, G. Sreekanth, gave him a treat to remember.

Report confirms that the well decorated car was opened for the chauffeur. Thak sat at the owners side of the car probably for the first time, as his boss drove him to work ahead of his retirement celebration.

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Sreekanth said:

“For close to 35 years, he’s helped the state with his service, ensuring that collectors get to their workplace safely, day after day. I wanted to make this a day to remember for him and also to say thank you for what he’s done.”

Beyond words and physical gifts, this gesture will mean a lot to Digambar Thak.

Nothing probably would reward the diligent worker for his services but this last treat from his boss is indeed a significant way of showing his appreciation for smoothly working and relating well with a total of 18 bosses.

Gestures like this and that of the billionaire who gave out thousands of cars and hundreds of flats is a clear way of showing the importance and necessity of treating workers fairly.