Boston Marathon: Kenyans Race To Victory As Usual

Kenyans once again proved to be track royalty at the recently concluded Boston Marathon where two Kenyans won both the men’s and women’s races.

Geoffrey Kirui and Edna Kiplagat raced to victory at the Boston Marathon which was held on Monday in Boston, USA.

Kirui finished in two hours, nine minutes and 37 seconds while his female counterpart, Kiplagat finished in two hours, twenty-one minutes and fifty-two seconds.

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Edna Kiplagat was at the helm of the marathon despite briefly stopping in the final lap to go return a bottle of water she had mistakenly grabbed which belonged to a fellow marathoner. The 38-year-old Kiplagat adds this win to a list of marathon wins in Moscow, London, New York and Daegu, South Korea.

“I had to put back something which was not mine,” she told reporters. “I was afraid, because you know, if you miss water it can affect you.”

Security at the Boston marathon was tight due to the 2013 tragedy which saw two Chechen brothers set off two bombs at the site of the marathon, killing three people and wounding more than 200.

The Boston marathon is the largest sporting event in Boston. It usually holds on the US Patriots day, a day which celebrates the beginning of the American revolution.

kathrine switzer boston marathon
Kathrine Switzer being pushed by a marathon official. Credit: Getty Images

Also at the marathon was Kathrine Switzer the first woman to ever officially compete in the Boston Marathon. Back in the day, the marathon was a men-only sport. Women were considered too fragile to participate in the sport. However, Kathrine Switzer who registered as K.V Switzer to hide her gender said she had trained hard.

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“But I had trained hard and was confident of my strength. Still, it took a body block from my boyfriend to knock the official off the course,” she said of an official who tried to get her off the course of the marathon. She finished the marathon at the time in 4 hours 20 minutes. On Monday, at age 70, 50 years after she first ran the Boston marathon, she ran the race, finishing in 4:44:31.