Botswana Will Now Deport Anti-gay US Pastor Steven Anderson

Last week, anti-gay U.S based pastor, Steven Anderson, was banned from entering South Africa. The South African Home affairs department, which had initially granted permission for him to evangelize in South Africa, had a sudden change of heart and barred his entry.

Malusi Gigaba, SA’s Home Affairs Minister, who insisted that the move to ban him was constitutional said; “I have identified Steven Anderson as an undesirable person to travel to South Africa.”

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When SA refused to grant him visa, the Pastor seemed unfazed as he took to his Facebook wall to post:

“I feel sorry for people who live in South Africa, but thank God we still have a wide open door in Botswana.”

Pastor Steven Anderson

It would seem, however, that Botswana is not so welcoming after all. The pastor arrived in the country late last week and gave a sermon at a local church that he helped set up. Barely a week later, Steven Anderson has been declared a “prohibited immigrant” although the government statement did not say why.

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Prior to his arrest, Steven Anderson took part in a morning show hosted by GabzFM station, together with a local pastor and an LGBT activist. He was picked up after doing the radio interview.

Speaking to BBC, the show’s presenter Reginald Richardson said that Pastor Anderson expressed disdain for homosexuals during the show and said that they should be “stoned to death”.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Botswana, as in many African countries but, apparently, the preachers brand of unrelenting negative messages on the ‘evils’ of the LGBT community is still not accepted in the country.

Mr. Anderson runs the Faithful Word Baptist Church, a church which believes and says that homosexuality is an abomination punishable by the death penalty.