Boyfriends Lady Zamar Has Had and Why Many Thought She Had a Husband

Lady Zamar is not married but has has only been involved in two known relationship with two men named Jabulani Hadebe (Sjava) and Faustino Muhongo, an Angolan model.

From having the childhood dreams of being a teacher to becoming a popular singer, Lady Zamar’s name has remained in the South African entertainment gossip circles for reasons beyond her musical career. One thing that has been on the lips of everybody and has been discussed heavily about the singer who has also served as a guest judge on Idols South Africa is her relationship status and the drama that it brings over and over again.

The singer’s current relationship status has remained undisclosed which is not really surprising because she has maintained that she is very secretive and only shares what she feels comfortable letting people know about her. This has, however, not stopped the rumor mill from spinning, especially after news of her supposed secret relationship with a fellow celebrity known as Sjava, and the rumored secret wedding that she was involved in.

Summary of Lady Zamar’s Biography

  • Full Name: Yamikani Janet Banda
  • Age: 36
  • Nationality: Malawian-South African
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Businesswoman
  • Relationship Status: “Undisclosed”

Lady Zamar Has Been Linked Romantically with Two Men

Although Lady Zamar is known to be very private about certain key areas of her life, the South African singer has had two relationships discussed in celebrity gossip topics. The chief of the two is her relationship with Sjava.

Lady Zamar and Jabulani Hadebe (Sjava)

What was meant to be a secret relationship between two very secretive celebrities only became public knowledge after the relationship turned sour in 2019. Sjava, whose real name is Jabulani Hadebe, is a South African actor, singer, and rapper. He and Lady Zamar were in a two-year relationship from June 2017 till March 2019.


The duo met in May 2017, but according to Lady Zamar, Sjava asked her out on her birthday in June 2017. Their fans got confirmation of their relationship after several denials when Sjava posted a photo of him and Lady Zamar on his Twitter account in April 2019. The image got fans writing congratulatory messages but Lady Zamar dropped a stinker which not only confirmed the relationship but revealed that the relationship ended the previous month after two years.

According to Lady Zamar, Sjava raped her in 2017, and she broke up with him because she felt violated; however, the duo found their way back to each other and continued their relationship before finally splitting in March 2019. This time, it was reportedly due to Sjava’s “roving eyes and controlling ways”.

After their relationship and split became public knowledge, Lady Zamar made tweets about relationships requiring efforts and two people staying to make it work. She also made references to being in a toxic relationship and fans believed she was referring to Sjava. However, Sjava maintained he never had a relationship with the singer. His denial came in handy when Lady Zamar would later accuse and sue him over rape allegations in November 2019, after accusing him of abusing her in October 2019.

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Lady Zamar Versus Sjava Rape Case Ended in Disappointment For The Singer

The months after the relationship between Sjava and the more and more crooner went public were full of drama and rape allegations. First, Lady Zamar took to her social media to pour out her heart on the abuse and toxicity she endured. Then, on the 27th of October 2019, after Sjava’s One Night With Sjava Show where he finally showed off his wife to the public, Zamar took things up a notch by openly accusing her supposed ex-boyfriend of raping her.

According to her, the incident happened on the 9th of September 2017 after they both performed at the Royal Heritage Festival in Limpopo. Sjava invited her to his room and raped her. She further revealed that they were neither in a confirmed relationship at that time because they were still at the stage of getting to know each other. She also stated that they were not intimate because she had had breast reduction surgery earlier in July and was advised by her doctors to stay away from any form of intimacy or sex. She admitted to only kissing and making out with Sjava, but he proceeded to take off his clothes and rape her, leaving her broken and devastated.

After she made the revelations on Twitter, Lady Zamar sued Sjava officially on the 14th of November in Pretoria. However, Sjava denied all the allegations and said he didn’t rape her and that she had ulterior motives. As the rape allegations and the ensuing court case tore on, fans were divided. Some believed Sjava whilst others believed Lady Zamar; and of course, social media justice ensued, to the point that Sjava was delisted from the Capetown International Jazz Festival Line up artists.

Finally, on the 16th of November 2020, much to the disappointment of Lady Zamar and the relief of Sjava, the rape case was thrown out by the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa because “the facts or evidence do not support a successful prosecution”.

Faustino Muhongo

Earlier in the year 2020, rumors went rife that Lady Zamar was in a relationship with an Angolan model named Faustino Muhongo. Pictures of the duo vacationing in Luanda, the Capital City of Faustino’s home country, further fueled the rumors. They held hands in loved-up videos which went on to fuel marriage rumors as Lady Zamar posted supposed wedding videos on her social media pages.

The Confusion About Lady Zamar’s Supposed Wedding To Faustino Muhongo 

When the singer posted a wedding video and wedding pictures of her and the Angolan model, fans went into a rave with marriage rumors as many believed that she actually got married and now has a husband. Fans believed it was a secret wedding that took place at Memoire Wedding and Event Center, Muldersdrift. The whole thing even became more convincing when an undisclosed family member allegedly spilled the tea that it was indeed a wedding and that the singer covered all the expenses.

The videos and images which she posted on Instagram in November 2019, got many people believing that Lady Zamar got married. But the whole situation was better explained in March 2020 when the singer released the visuals for her song, “More and More”. Apparently, she was promoting her then-latest song and the entire marriage charade was a part of the music video.


Lady Zamar’s Relationship Status Remains a Mystery

With the marriage rumors explained and her relationship with Sjava in the mud, fans are still wondering who Lady Zamar is dating. With the “King Zamar” crooner not making it any easier for fans to know if she is currently in a relationship, there are no confirmed reports of who she might be dating or if she is even dating anyone at all. She has further neither specifically addressed the rumors about the alleged secret wedding with Faustino or her relationship with him. Lady Zamar seems to let social media and mainstream media make out their own versions of her story.

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