Brad Paisley ‘Stalked’ His Wife Kimberly Williams And Now Has 2 Kids – Inside His Family

As a country music singer, Brad Paisley has had a busy but fulfilling and successful career. He has put out 11 studio albums, gone on multiple tours, and has even released two books. As an ordinary man, he has had an even more interesting life, particularly when it comes to his love life and how he met his wife Kimberly Williams.

Paisley and Williams’ story is one that wouldn’t feel out of place on a theatre screen. But you don’t have to wait for it to become a Hollywood flick as we have detailed everything you need to know about their relationship and family.

Brad Paisley First Saw His Wife on The Big Screen

If Brad Paisley’s love story with Kimberly Williams does become a Hollywood flick, then their story would have certainly come full circle. The musician ‘met’ his future wife for the first time in 1991, back when he was still a teenager figuring out his life. He saw her in the film, Father of the Bride, while he was on a date with a local girl.

This said local girl left an impression on him, and the two went on to date for four years. Kimberly’s performance in the film was said to have also left an impression on Paisley. While he had never physically met her, he was said to have had a connection with her. He felt she was a great girl, someone smart and funny, a personality trait he wanted in a girl.

If you are not familiar with Ms. Williams, she is an actress well known for her roles in films like According to Jim, Nashville, Indian Summer, Cold blooded, The War at Home, and Father of The Bride II released in 1995. She has also extended her career to television series, appearing in Tales from the Crypt, George Lopez, Boston Legal, The Christmas Shoe, Two and A half Man, and Less Than Perfect.

After the four-year relationship with the unnamed local girl, she left Brad Paisley for his best friend. He would later return to the theatre to watch Kimberly Williams again in the 1995 sequel to the movie he originally saw her in. Although it wasn’t categorically stalking, the country singer became obsessed with the actress and kept up with her work. When an opportunity came for their worlds to collide, he enthusiastically took advantage of the situation as he had fallen in love with her from afar.

They Met Physically on the Set of His Music Video

It would have been easy for Brad Paisley to cast another woman in the role of Kimberly Williams for the video of his song, I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song), which was about the local girl that dumped him for his friend. The song was one of several written about his doomed relationship with the local girl.

But since he had been ‘obsessed’ with the actress and the film she starred in was what they saw on one of the first dates they had been on, she was a significant part of the story and so he insisted on having her appear in the music video.

According to Brad, he fell in love with Kimberly at first sight, which is unsurprising considering he had ‘stalked’ her from a distance for years. After meeting on the set of the music video, the two of them began a relationship.

It didn’t take long for their relationship to grow into something deeper as they got engaged in June 2002. Nine months after, on March 15, 2003, Brad Paisley’s 19-year-old dreams came true and Kimberly became his wife. They got married at the Stauffer Chapel at Pepperdine University.

Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams Have Been Married for Almost Two Decades

It would have been easy for their tear-jerking cute story to have ended after a couple of years of dating. It could have even ended after a couple of years of marriage. But sometimes the universe lets us have a feel-good story. Thus, Brad and Kimberly Williams have remained husband and wife for more than 17 years.

During that time, they have recorded multiple accomplishments together, most notably starting a family. They have given birth and are raising two children. The first, William Huckleberry, was born on February 22, 2007, in Nashville, the home of country music. Their second, Jasper Warren, was born two years after on April 17, 2009. They named Jasper after Brad Paisley’s grandfather, the man who bought him his first guitar and set him on his path to becoming a country music star.

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Aside from their family, the couple has also seen their wealth grow. They once owned two homes; in Franklin, Tennessee, and another in Pacific Palisades. While the Pacific Palisades home has since been sold, the family still lives in their home in Franklin, Tennessee.

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Inside Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams’ Relationship

Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams’ relationship has survived for so long because they forged a bond stronger than the sum of their parts. Rather than a relationship based on the success of their respective professions, they became friends and a reliable partner for each other.

Both of them share a healthy sense of humor which has been great at cutting tensions and mending differences between them. Also, it turns out that Brad’s opinion of Kimberly at 19 was right; she is indeed a great girl who is smart and funny.

These traits have helped them navigate the pitfalls of relationships and marriages. It has even made them renew their vows. The renewal happened in 2015, in a small ceremony held at their friend’s house.

They are also big supporters of each other. Both of them publicly show they are each other’s number one fan. Kimberly has accompanied him on several red carpet events while Brad takes selfies and shares how proud he is of his wife on social media with each film/show release.

They are Sharing Their Love with Those Who Need it

Brad Paisley
Brad and Kimberly during the announcement of their free store: image source

With their love on solid ground, Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams have shared some of it with fans and those who need it over the years. The couple has a grocery store where everything is free for those who need it. The grocery store, named The Store, is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kimberly, proving her wit, came up with the idea after she noticed that her sons were acting spoiled. To reorient them, she made the family volunteer at a local store, Unity Shoppe, in Santa Barbara, which provides groceries to those in need.

Both of them are also supporters of charities and foundations like Kids Wish Network, MusiCares, and Aid Still Required among many others.

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