Bradd Jaffy

Bradd Jaffy is a professional writer and editor who works at NBC News Channel. The skilful journalist is known as the brain behind the NBC Nightly News, serving as a senior editor and writer of the TV program. Jaffy has also been very active on Twitter since May 2011, where he regularly posts updates on latest stories and most especially, breaking news. He has also garnered massive followers on Twitter with his brilliant and educating posts.

Most of the talented writer’s tweets are majorly focused on political issues as he is well-known for being opposed to the current administration of the United States President, Donald Trump. Bradd Jaffy has recently attained huge popularity as NBC News’ senior editor and writer, as well as serving as a social media reporter where he has assembled an impressive amount of followers on Twitter.

Bradd Jaffy – Biography 

The NBC News writer was born in the United States of America on 13th November 1986 and was raised in New York. Bradd Jaffy has kept information about his personal life secret, as such, not much is known about his parents, siblings, childhood and educational background. He has succeeded in keeping such information away from the public as they are currently not available in the media.

His NBC Career

Bradd Jaffy’s career has been entirely shaped by NBC News Network, where he was reported to have kicked off his career immediately after his graduation from the University. The notable editor first joined NBC News as a reporter but eventually as a result of his extraordinary competence in executing his duties, he landed a promotion and was made a senior editor and writer.

Jaffy has gained an impressive reputation from his unique and excellent body of work as a writer. He is well-known for writing majorly on political issues which includes him voicing out his opinion about the present United States administration. In addition to his political write-up, he, sometimes, also writes about non-political matters like trendy entertainment news, pop culture events and of course, the latest sports news. As of now, the talented journalist works as senior editor and writer of NBC News Network’s program titled NBC Nightly News.

Bradd Jaffy
Bradd Jaffy (Left) with NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff

Aside from working as NBC writer, Bradd Jaffy has gained wide attention on social media, precisely on Twitter. He has attracted an impressive amount of followers with his latest updates as he is known to be among the first people that tweets about developing stories and breaking news.

Most times, the adroit journalist has been a target of public criticism as a result of his social media work. It has been speculated that his tweets have been making a negative impact on NBC Network following that Jaffy often post his news updates on time, even before the news network can be able to develop it into a full story for broadcast. In addition, Bradd Jaffy has also been accused of hijacking other people’s stories and posting them as his work. Nevertheless, the media personality has gone ahead to amass over 270,000 followers on Twitter, with his number of followers accelerating on a daily basis.

His tweets have also been retweeted by a good number of celebrities. Bradd Jaffy has also been compared to another famous social media reporter by the name of Kyle Griffin who works as an MSNBC producer. He has been doing the same line of work as Jaffy by feeding their followers with the latest and breaking news across the globe through Twitter.

Bradd Jaffy’s Wife

The NBC senior editor has kept details about his personal relationships away from the media. He might have been in a relationship in the past but decided to keep it under wraps. At the moment, Bradd Jaffy is still cruising as a bachelor and has not been linked to any relationship. He is yet to make it down the aisle with a beautiful bride.

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What Happened To Him?

At a certain period, Bradd Jaffy was inactive on Twitter and the situation aroused much curiosity among his followers as they were highly inquisitive to know his whereabouts. Well, during that time, it was speculated that Jaffy had abandoned his Twitter job while some even reported that he was asked to stop live-tweeting the news.

After a while, Bradd Jaffy went back to his live-tweeting job and explained that his disappearance from Twitter was as a result of a self-imposed vacation from the social media platform.

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