Brand Her A Dirty Woman When You See Any Of These 10 Things

As you already know, women always appear good, well dressed up and neat, but most of them deceptively appear so clean while they roll their dirt inwards. Of course hardly do we see a woman appear unkempt, dirty and sweaty, rather we only see how alluring, and so cleaned up they appear outwardly. Often times we are distracted by this sophisticated look and well-perfumed clothes and thus pay little attention to things that matter more, especially the simple hygiene.

Now is the time for reality check, and this article tells you how to spot those dirty girls at a glance. Just read on to see signs that will help you decide she is nothing but a dirty woman.

Signs That She Is A Dirty Woman:

1. If She Wears One Hairstyle All The Time


How long a lady wears a particular hairstyle is absolutely her personal decision, but wearing it for too long is just your business as her man. Don’t you think this will make her become smelly and dirty? Yes, just imagine leaving out one part of your body when showering for one month…won’t it rot? Since water or shampoo never goes near a woman’s hair just as often as a person going au natural, if she has it on longer than necessary she is nothing short of a filthy woman.

2. If Her Feet Are Dirty And Smelly


Smelly feet are usually caused by sweat mixed with bacteria from your skin. Also, some shoes and socks can cause smelly feet by making the skin dark and damp especially the types that prevent sweats from evaporating or being absorbed. This condition helps bacteria to thrive. But washing your feet regularly and steady indulgence in other hygiene routines would help a great deal in preventing it. So if she emits an odd odor whenever you get closer to her feet…do the needful.

3. If She Does Not Shave And Hair Can Be Seen Sprouting Out Of Her Bushy Armpits


If a woman leaves her underarm hair to look like a bushy unkempt jungle, then she is not a neat woman. Of course, a woman’s underarm looks neater when a woman trims her underarm hair to a reasonable length, that is if she does not want them all out. But note that the link between femininity and armpit hairlessness is so strong that even the dirtiest guy can flinch at the sight of bushy armpits in a woman. Surely, hairy pits of a woman are just not sexy in any way!

4. If She Has Untidy Finger Nails


It is such a shame having untidy fingernails. It does not tell well of your personality because it is one of the bases for every individual’s personality. You could turn people off with your dirty and untidy fingernails. So any girl who does not take care of her fingers as other parts of her body is just a dirty type.

5. If Her House Is Always A Mess, But She Appears Neat


Some girls will bathe up, look all cleaned up but their homes will be something out of Pluto. They hardly clean their surroundings but take all the personal hygiene serious. Now tell me how you can spread a white cloth right in the middle of a mud and expect it not to get dirty. Therefore, if your house is messed, your being neat is yet to be complete.

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6. If She Skips Brushing Her Teeth At Night


A thoroughly neat woman is one who brushes her teeth in the morning after breakfast and does it as the last thing in the night before going to bed. Yes! Medically, it advisable for a woman to brush her teeth and gum-line twice a day using a soft toothbrush and an appropriate toothpaste. And why should it be so? Because it saves a woman from having tooth decay before and even during pregnancy and oral infections like gingivitis during pregnancy can be avoided. During pregnancy, if a woman skips cleaning her oral cavity painstakingly, the hormonal changes during pregnancy may exaggerate the response of the gum tissues to the plaque bacterial toxins, resulting in red, swollen and bleeding gums called “Pregnancy Gingivitis.” Okay, have I mentioned how it can also reduce the wrath of offensive mouth odour on people around her? But above all, a woman should brush twice to save her man the agony of getting a kissing disease. So you see why you should brand her a dirty woman when she regards brushing her teeth as just “every morning routine”.

7. If She Is Married, But Her Children Are Always Dirty, Her Hubby Too


A neat woman takes care of herself and her family too. Yes, it is her job to keep both her children and husband clean including her surrounding. You might say it is ancient to think it is just her job to do all that, but there is supposed to be a huge difference between a home where there is no woman, and one in which a matured woman lives.

8. If She Does Not Have Tissue In Her Handbag


A clean woman always carries her tissue or wipes in her bag. Needless to say that it is ultimately a necessity for a woman’s health. So when she does not have it at all…check! she might not be using it at all.

9. If she Leaves Her Pubic Dormitory Bushy For Too Long


The line between sexy and bushy is quite thin when it comes to pubic hair. It may be cool in a guy but for ladies, it screams dirt. Hence, every woman is required to at the very least trim her pubic hair in case she does not want to shave it. And if she does not do just that…brand her a dirty woman!

10. If She Hardly Has Chewing Gum In Her Handbag


We do know not all ladies like chewing gum, but every lady is expected to carry in her bag chewing gum or at least mint sweet for fresh breath, remember what a lady has in her bag tells her story. So it will tell you are a clean lady when you prepare ahead of time for bad breath which usually results from not talking much or from not keeping mouth busy for too long. A woman who is careless about this lil fresh is just a dirty a woman.

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