What To Note About Brandon Arreaga’s Relationship With Maggie Lindemann and His Success With PRETTYMUCH

It won’t be entirely wrong to describe Brandon Arreaga as one of the most exciting acts on the American music scene. As one of the founding members of PRETTYMUCH, a group assembled by music mogul, Simon Cowell, Brandon has exhibited his superb singing and dancing skills in several of the group’s music videos. He and his bandmates have also performed at several public events with industry watchers tipping them to go all the way like bands such One Direction.

The young Brandon is also one-half of one of the cutest couples on Instagram with the other being an equally fast-rising singer named Maggie Lindemann. Brandon and Maggie have been together since 2019 and have been serving couple goals ever since. They have now accumulated a small legion of admirers who sincerely hope that they can go all the way.

His Relationship With Maggie Lindemann Is One of The Cutest on Instagram

The PRETTYMUCH member is heads over heels in love with fellow Texas native, Maggie Lindemann. Maggie was born on the 21st of July 1998 in Dallas and just like her man, started singing as a young girl. She subsequently took to posting recordings of her singing on various social media platforms and attracted quite a following. Her posts later fetched her a manager, who was stunned by her talent, and she dropped her first single, Knocking on Your Heart, in September 2015.

The song was well received and shot to the top 20 of the iTunes Alternative Charts within just 24 hours of release. Buoyed by this success, Maggie has dropped several songs including obsessed, Knife under My Pillow, Couple of Kids, Things, and Human. Her most successful single to date is 2016’s Pretty Girl which made it to No. 4 in Sweden and No. 8 in the UK and was certified platinum. Maggie has performed in countries such as Malaysia and has also toured with musicians such as Sabrina Carpenter.

Brandon Arreaga and Maggie became Instagram official in July 2019. They remain together to date and have made no attempts to hide their love for each other. A simple scroll through each’s Instagram page would show them in intimate and loved up poses. They regularly hang out at various fun spots and have also shown up in serious costumes for events such as Halloween parties.


The couple is yet to collaborate musically but one can trust that this will one day become reality as far as their romance stands the test of time.

Prior to his relationship with Maggie, Brandon Arreaga was dating a girl named Charlotte Dean. It is not clear how they met or started hanging out but the relationship commenced in 2017. They later broke up though and the reason for their breakup is not known.

Brandon Arreaga And His Parents Initially Believed That His PRETTYMUCH Invitation Was Fake

Brandon Arreaga’s claim to fame may have been as a member of PRETTYMUCH in 2016 but his journey to music goes back several years before that. As a child growing up in Corinth, Texas, he had always had an interest in music and by the time he was six, could already play the piano. A few years later, he added guitar-playing to his repertoire. The young Brandon loved music so much that he saved up money from his acting and modeling gigs and used it to build a home recording studio when he twelve. He utilized the studio to record his own songs and also charged other artists who wanted to make use of it as well.

That same year he built his home studio (2011), Brandon Arreaga also announced his talents to the world by taking part in the musical talent hunt show known as Majors and Minors. He ended up not winning but it gave him some much-needed exposure. He then built on this by uploading videos of himself performing covers to his YouTube channel. It was these YouTube covers that eventually led to him being discovered and scouted by Simon Cowell.

Cowell has always been a titan in the music industry, particularly for his skill as a talent manager. In 2016, he wanted to create yet another boy band, and during his search for viable members for the band, he discovered Brandon Arreaga. When Cowell reached out to Arreaga for a position in the band, the musician had to audition which he did in March 2016. He and his family members however believed that the whole thing was too good to be true and so when he was asked to come out to New York and meet other members of the band, he refused to do so.

As fate would have it, Cowell did one more sweep of different locations in the U.S. and came across Arreaga again. This time, the young man realized that things were quite real and so joined up as the last member of PRETTYMUCH.

Brandon Arreaga
Brandonand his bandmates: Image Source

He And His Bandmates Have Been Hailed For Their Combination Of Superb Dancing And Singing Skills

Asides from Brandon Arreaga, PRETTYMUCH has four other members namely Edward Honoret (from Bronx, New York), Nick Mara (from New Jersey), Austin Porter (from Charlotte, North Carolina), and Zion Kuwonu (from Ottawa, Canada). Much like Brandon, all four boys had garnered a reputation for their musical skills on social media which led to them being scouted by Cowell and transformed into PRETTYMUCH. Another thing that all the five members of PRETTYMUCH have in common is their fantastic singing and dancing skills which means that they all serve these dual roles in the group. Analysts have meanwhile pointed out that this is one of their selling points as it means that there is no weak link in the group.

Given the fact that the group was assembled by the man behind other hugely successful boy bands such as West Life and One Direction, all eyes are on Arreaga and his bandmates and thus far, they have shown that they have got what it takes. The five-man group started out by dropping covers of popular songs on YouTube before dropping their first single, Would You Mind, in July 2017. The song was an instant hit, making it to the top 10 of Spotify’s Viral 50 (both in the U.S. and globally) as well as the top 40 of Billboard’s Mainstream Charts. The group was also featured as artist of the year by Apple Music that same month.

Brandon Arreaga
The band during one of their public performances Image Source

PRETTYMUCH has Dropped Several Singles And Has Performed At Multiple Award Shows

Building upon that initial success, Brandon Arreaga and his bandmates have dropped about seventeen singles and have made twelve music videos. They also have two EPs to their credit namely PRETTYMUCH an EP released in 2018 and Phases which was released in 2019. The five-man group has also performed at several major ceremonies including X-Factor UK 2017, 2017 Teen Choice Awards, 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, and 2018 MTV Videos Music Awards.

PRETTYMUCH has also headlined their own tour and in 2020, served as an opening act for Camilla Cabello’s Romance Tour. Brandon and his mates may not have achieved the heights reached by One Direction yet but they are surely making tangible efforts in that direction (pun intended).

Away from PRETTYMUCH, Arreaga is yet to drop any solo songs and this is understandably due to the fact that all his time and efforts are geared towards helping his group achieve success. However, one cannot totally write off the possibility of him going solo one day. The Texas native previously indicated in a July 2017 interview that he had never envisioned himself being in a boy band but had to slowly warm up to the idea first. It, therefore, follows that there is a big likelihood of him doing something solo in the nearest future.

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