Braxton Berrios
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Being a good wide receiver in football requires that you are quick on your feet and Braxton Berrios who is one of the players on the New England Patriots team has received fame for his speed, which can be said to be the reason for his getting picked by the team in the first place. To learn more about this young player’s rise to the big leagues and his career on the National Football League (NFL) keep reading.

Braxton Berrios Biography

On the 6th of October in 1995, Braxton Berrios was born in North Carolina. Braxton Berrios’ high school education was at Leesville Road in Raleigh where he was born, while there he played in the position of a wide receiver. When the time came for him to pick a university, he had a high number of universities which wanted him on their teams, but he wanted the coach of the University of Miami’s football team to offer him admission to the university based on his athletic ability which was done. Shunning the other schools which had expressed interest in him Berrios moved to Miami and joined the university’s football team.

Braxton Berrios
Braxton Berrios and fans (image source)

As a half Puerto Rican, Berrios wanted to use the opportunity to meet his family members who reside in Maimi while playing for the prestigious team. He achieved both and played amazingly, the total record of his games comes to 1,121 yards, playing 45 games, receiving 96 passes and completing 14 touchdowns.

In his rookie year, he scored 3 touchdowns, crossed 232 yards and received 21 passes, he played in all 11 games of that season. The following year was not as impressive as he had no touchdowns, passed the meager amount of 86 yards and received a much lower number of passes than the previous year; he played in all games of the season regardless.

In his junior year, there was significant progress in his play not as great as the first year but definitely much better than his second year. As a senior, he had a much better season, scoring 9 touchdowns-which was double the number he scored in his first year – passed 625 yards, received 51 passes and played in 12 games. His senior year was a much better year than all the previous years combined.

His Parents and Family

Braxton Berrios’ parents are Rico Berrios and Lee Berrios, Braxton is the second child of his parents and has three siblings, one of whom is the wide receiver of the East Carolina Pirates; Austin Berrios. Braxton Berrios has stated that some of his family members are unknown to him as it is such a large family and keeping up with every single person can be difficult, by his last count, he has met 50 of these relatives.

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Most of Braxton Berrios’ childhood was spent living with members of his extended family including; his grandmother, grandfather, aunts, and uncles. This is as a result of his parents’ divorce that occurred when he was still a kid, his father remarried giving him a step-mother; Jessica. His family has been very supportive of his endeavors in the sport, a sport which he expressed interest in from the age of six.

NFL Career

Braxton Berrios joined the NFL draft of 2018 after graduating from college with a double degree in finance and entrepreneurship with a near perfect GPA of 3.961.

It was in the 6th round of the draft he was finally picked and was the 210th pick of that year by the New England Patriots. He, however, suffered an injury early in the season and was placed on the injury reserve of the team, he did not play with the team when they went ahead to defeat the Los Angeles Ram at the Super Bowl scoring 13 points to the 3 scored by the Rams.

Body Statistics – Weight, Height

Compared to other football players, Braxton Berrios is a short and smallish man, whose height is 5 feet and 9 inches which is 1.75 in meters, while other men who play the sport usually have a height range that gets to 6 feet. Berrios weighs 86 kg which converts to 189 pounds; there is also a disparity between his weight and those of other football players, but he has never let that stop him on the field.

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