Brazen traditional hairstyles

Men generally enjoy teasing women on their fixation with various types of hairdos and recently, the natural hair trend has seen a lot of African women returning to their roots.

The question now is, would the clean shaven, low cut favoring men in many of our cities around Africa be able to return to their own roots? Brazen traditional hairstyles, some of which are pictured below.

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Traditional African hairstyles for men are quite the sight. They are practically art, sometimes decorated with colorful beads and braided up or cut in the most unusual of fashions, they are a far cry from what you would obtain in the city these days.

Some of these traditional hairstyles are even now, currently being sported in some villages. The styles have specific meanings for the most part, ranging from things like; nobility, adulthood, marriage, to war.

The style that most African men choose today are more fitting with workplace settings, as strict rules on image are often enforced.

If however those rules were not stipulated, would men be willing to don these brazen traditional hairstyles? It would certainly prove an interesting transformation of aesthetics in our cities.

Check out some of these brazen traditional hairstyles from across Africa and comment if you would consider sporting any of them;

Maasai Hairstyle

Brazen traditional hairstyles

Samburu Hairstyle

Brazen traditional hairstyles

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Tsemay hairstyle, Ethiopia

Brazen traditional hairstyles

Hamer of Ethiopia

Brazen traditional hairstyles

Himba of Namibia

Also worn by pharaohs’ children in Egypt

Brazen traditional hairstyles

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Bedik, Senegal & Gambia

Brazen traditional hairstyles

Amasunzu style of the Rwandan

Brazen traditional hairstyles

So there you have it. Which of these hairstyles would you be able to rock?

Personally, we favor the Amasunzu style of Rwanda, the modern barber who would manage to make those lines would be deserving of an award indeed.