Brendon Urie is Still Married to Sarah Orzechowski After Identifying as Pansexual – Inside his Relationships

The sexuality of the Panic! at the Disco singer, Brendon Urie, is not the first thing one thinks of when his name bubbles to the surface. As the lead singer of one of America’s popular bands, he is a prominent contributor to songs like I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Still, his sexuality remains one of the most defining things about him.

He came out as a pansexual in July 2018. However, his public relationships have mostly been with women, precisely one woman – Sarah Orzechowski. They have been together since April 2013, and from the outside, things continue to look for the couple.

Brendon Urie Met His Wife at One of His Shows

We meet random people every day, but often, when we do, we have no idea how much impact they will have on our lives. Brendon Urie, who is used to meeting fans and different kinds of people after each show, met his wife, Sarah Orzechowski, after a Panic! at the Disco show in Detroit.

According to Brendon, it was love at first sight. However, despite his wish, it was not a straightforward love story. Even though they clicked and developed a connection, Sarah was in a relationship at the time. About eight months after their serendipity meeting, the singer, Hayley Williams, who is friends with Brendon, engineered another meeting between the two.

This time, both were single, and they met again at a show. Like they never stopped, Brendon and Sarah picked up from where they left off, and a relationship blossomed. In celebration of Sarah and their love, he wrote the song, Sarah Smiles, for her in 2009.

After more than two years of dating in September 2011, Brendon Urie proposed to Sarah Orzechowski. On April 27, 2013, they tied the knot. Following their marriage, Sarah inspired the album, Death of a Bachelor. So far, it is the only fruit of their wedding, as they are yet to have any children.

His Wife Was An Esthetician

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While the world awaits Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski to expand their family, we have gotten to learn more about the singer’s wife. Sarah is an American woman with Polish and Irish roots, who graduated from Lutheran High School Westland in 2005.

Sarah studied Esthetics at the Michigan College of Beauty. She worked as an esthetician and make-up artist for Mac Cosmetics. Orzechowski spent two years in the position between 2010 and 2012 before leaving the job for a freelance role as a make-up artist. The profession has helped Sarah and Brendon strengthen their bond, as she is often working with him on music videos.

He Came Out as a Pansexual in 2018

There are music acts that let rumors of their sexuality linger and become fodder for gossip tabloids and social media trends. Brendon Urie is one of them. Since the early days of the band, Brendon Urie has been the subject of several gay rumors.

Those rumors have been fuelled by the band’s songs, such as Girls/Girls/Boys, and his social media posts. He once tweeted, ‘Everyone’s a little gay,’ and kissed his former bandmate, Ryan Ross, on stage. His fans and the world finally got some insight into his sexuality during an interview with Pride Source in November 2013.

Although he called himself straight at the time, he admitted having experimented with homosexuality and bisexuality. However, despite his attraction to men, he was overwhelmingly more attracted to women, specifically his wife. One of those past experiences was a threesome at the age of 16.

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In 2018, he finally admitted to being a pansexual during an interview with Paper Magazine. He declared the sex of a person did not matter to him, and he can be attracted to anyone if they are great. While it would be natural for one to worry about the effect of his pansexuality on his marriage, it has had zero adverse effect, at least publicly.

Sarah Orzechowski is Bisexual Too

One of the reasons his sexuality has zero visible negative effects on his marriage is because Sarah Orzechowski is bisexual too. A fact Brendon admitted to in the Pride Source interview. Their shared unconventional sexuality, and mutual love for each other, has kept them together for over a decade.

She notably contributed to Urie’s look in the Girls/Girls/Boys video, now considered a bisexual anthem. In the video, where Urie was naked, she helped oil him up. Beyond that, she supports his exploration of his sexuality and creative interests. However, the wholesome story of the singer’s sexuality has had some striking cracks over the years.

Brendon Urie Has Been at the End of Sexual Assault and Harassment Allegations

It is easy to appreciate the thriving love life of the Panic! at the Disco singer and his openness about his sexuality. It is significantly more impressive when viewed through the lens of how far the world has come in embracing tolerance and diversity. However, the story would be incomplete without touching on the other side of his sexuality.

Several people, men, and women have accused Brendon Urie of sexual assault and harassment. Allegations dating as far as 2009 have come from various people online, who tell stories of unwanted passes and touches from Brendon. There are also stories of harassing minors.

One of his harassment allegations has also involved his former bandmate, Ryan Ross. In what Brendon described playfully as ‘stage gay,’ Urie has admitted to harassing Ryan, on and off stage. The long list of allegations, compiled by a Twitter user, sparked a trending topic, #BrendonUrieSpeakUp, on the social media platform.

The list includes video evidence of Urie joking about raping his fans, as well as racist slurs and sexist comments. The damning allegations spurred demands from music enthusiasts and his fanbase to address the issues, including accusations of sexual misconduct by another member of the band, Zack Hall.

With a rising mountain of evidence and an increasing discontent fanbase, we can only wait to see where the chips will fall regarding Brendon Urie and his career. Whatever happens, one imagines Sarah Orzechowski will stand by his side, as she has always done.

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