The Brian Acton Story: Rejected By Facebook & Twitter Now Worth $4B

Everyone loves a good inspiring financial story, especially in this rats race economy of ours. With world unemployment steady rising, jobs are on a low, and if one even gets the opportunity of a job interview, be rest assured that there over 10 people vying for the same spot. This makes interviews quite tasking, as everyone prepares to present their best self and employers are entitled to pick whoever meets their criteria. So what happens when you do not get the job, even though you believe you were more than qualified for it? You be like Brian Acton, you don’t give up.

Brian Acton, a software engineer with years of experience at yahoo and Apple got rejected by two internet behemoths in a pace of two months. The first happened with Twitter in May and in August he was rejected by Facebook. Brian was almost 40 during this period, and there are only a few things that are worse than being a man at 40 without a chance to establish yourself.

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These tweets from 2009 will tell you just how dire it was.

What is spectacular about these tweets are his optimism and character strength. We cannot vouch for what happened offline but based on his tweets, he seemed to have taken the rejection quite well, although the hurt can be felt from those tweets. He did not go on a rant bashing Facebook/Twitter for not accepting him, neither did he give up because some top companies did not deem him valuable for their company. Yes, we know he did not give up because later on, Acton and another former employee of Yahoo, Jan koum would collaborate to create the world’s number one messenger — WhatsApp

In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion in stock and cash, along with as much as $3 billion in restricted stock units for the founders. Out of which Acton got close to $4 billion

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