Endeavors That Make Up Brian Posehn’s Career Portfolio and All About His Wife & Kids

Brian Posehn is a multifaceted American entertainer. He is an actor, writer, musician, and stand-up comedian. However, it is believed that he gained a lot of popularity over the years for his acting and he is widely known for playing Kevin Liotta on Just Shoot Me! (1999-2003).

Apart from that, he is admired for portraying Brian Spukowski on The Sarah Silverman Program (2007–2010) as well as appearing on Lady Dynamite, You’re The Worst on FX, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, and Fox’s New Girl. In all, he has featured in over a hundred screen works and the success he enjoys as an actor can be traced to the many cameos he had when he kickstarted his career.

Brian Posehn Has Been Active as an Actor Since 1994

Brian Posehn began professional acting in 1994 which he started with guest roles in TV series, making his debut in an episode of the last season of Empty Nest (1988-1995). Following this, Brian played a variety of roles on the HBO sketch comedy series, Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995-1998). He later played a guest role in Newsradio (1995-1999) and Kevin Liotta in Just Shoot Me! (1999-2003). Thereafter, he was seen in two episodes of Ray Romano’s comedy show, Everybody Loves Raymond.

The actor subsequently made his movie debut as a minor character in the 1998 movie, The Wedding Singer. From 2003 to 2009, he portrayed a mortician in Reno 911!. Posehn appeared in 2005 productions like The Comedians of Comedy and portrayed Jimmy in the horror movie, The Devil Rejects. He was also seen as Randy in Sleeping Dogs Lie (2006) and in 2007, Brian guest-starred in NBC’s improvisational series, Thank God You’re Here.

In the following years, Brian Poshen has been featured in several movies and TV shows including Smiley Face, Undead or Alive, and Human Giant (2007-2008). He also appeared on Sym-Bionic Titan, Anger Management, The Big Bang Theory, The Five-year Engagement, and Deadly Class amongst others.

He Is a Skilled Voice Actor and Writer

In addition to his onscreen appearances, Brian Posehn has provided voices for characters in a number of TV shows. His early projects in this capacity include voicing Jim in Mission Hill, Swanson in 3 South, Gibbons in Tom Goes To School, and Crocco in Out of Jimmy’s Head. He has also had voice roles in recent productions like DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders (2020), Steven Universe Future (2020), and Crank Yankers (2020)

Posehn is regarded as a prolific writer as he has co-written some projects like the “Cahill” episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, the “Wowschwitz” episode of The Sarah Silverman Program, among many others.

More so, he co-wrote The Last Christmas, a comic book published in 2006. Other books he has penned include a memoir titled Forever Nerdy: Living My Dorky Dreams and Staying Metal; it was published in 2018.

The Actor Is Also a Fine Stand-Up Comedian

Sometime in 2002, the versatile actor made an appearance on Comedy Central Presents which marked his entrance into stand-up comedy. 2005 came and he was seen in The Comedians of Comedy, a documentary/live special edition that chronicled a small-club comedy tour Posehn was a part of in 2004. This documentary was shortly followed by a Comedy Central TV series with the same title.

In 2006, Brain Posehn released his first comedy album entitled Live In: Nerd Rage. He went on to participate as one of the comedians in the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2008 which featured top acts like Louis C.K., Zach Galifianakis, and Janeane Garofalo amongst others. During the festival, Posehn collaborated with Michelle Buteau and Jim Norton to make up the Rock N’ Roll Comedy set.

With the success of his intermittent performances,  Posehn went on to release a second comedy album titled Fart and Wiener Jokes in 2010. A third album titled The Fartist was released in 2013, and a fourth titled Posehn 25×2 followed in 2017.

And Has Thrived as a Musician

Being an avid music lover, Brain has not failed to explore his potentials as a musician. He worked with Relapse Records to release his debut music album titled Live In: Nerd Rage in 2006. For the release of the album, he enlisted the service of Scoot Ian (guitarist), John Tempesta (bassist), Joey Vera (bassist), and Jonathan Donais (guitarist).

After his album was launched, he went on to appear in the Anthrax music videos, What Doesn’t Die and Blood Eagle Wings. More so, Brian is known to have performed the song “More Metal Then You”, which became part of his comedy album, Fart & Weiner Jones, alongside his performance of “Brian Posehn’s All-Star Band” during the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

He has also been seen in the music video, We’ve Got A Situation Here by The Damned Things as well as providing backup vocals for the album, Five Serpent’s Teeth, by Evile.

As of 2020, Brian Posehn is known to have released a music-only album which he called Grandpa Metal, featuring guest artists like Scott Ian, Brendon Small, Corey Taylor, Weird Al Yankovic, Michael Starr, and Phil Demmel. This new album has a touch of comedy and Posehn has covered metal songs like “Take on Me” and “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”.

Brian Posehn Is Happily Married to Melanie Truhett 

Brian Posehn and his wife Melanie Truhett started dating early in the year 2000. They kept a steady but private relationship for the next 4 years and eventually exchanged vows on September 4th, 2004.

Even after their marriage, the pair has been frugal when it comes to details about their love life. They have continued to flourish in their love out of the prying eyes of the media.

The only known fact about their union so far is that they share a son named Pal Posehn. Both parents have gone the extra mile to shield their little one from the spotlight as much as possible. There are no details about when or where the boy was born. The couple only share pictures of him occasionally on their social media pages.

Melanie Truhett Is a Film Producer

Like her husband, she is also a part of the entertainment industry. Melanie is notable as the main producer of Drew Carey’s Improve-A-Granza which was released in 2011. She was involved in a long string of other films and TV shows since 1999 when she launched her career as a producer in Mystery Man.

Melanie and Brain can also be seen in the 2005 documentary, Comedian of Comedy. She made an appearance on the comedy show, Coming on the Stage (2018). More so, she served as the executive producer of the 2019 production, Ron Funges: Giggle Fit.

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